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A blog devoted to reminding Deb Frisch that, even if she takes down her libelous and harassing posts, the evidence has been screencapped...and forwarded to appropriate authorities...[dfrisch@pobox.com dfrisch@nsf.gov or dfrisch@oregon.uoregon.edu]

Saturday, May 28, 2016

LOL, Deborah Frisch Still bitching about Facebook (5/21-22-28/2016)


LOL, so Debbie--with her criminal records of stalking, harassing and criminal impersonation REALLY wonders why Zuck makes Debbie's kind of criminal behavior so difficult? Just take a look at your criminal records, Debbie, like these ones:

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Debbie Frisch off the wagon? Guess what happens next... (April May 2016)

This will surely end well. /sarc

Looks like Debbie forgot what she wrote behind bars last year:

"the reason I devolved from a pro bono consultant into an x-rated heckler [translation: lawbreaking stalker committing criminal harassment and threatening] was substance abuse - pot and alcohol....I am going to give this datum serious attention when I am released."

Mixing this with the marijuana, how long before Debbie's past patterns of drunken criminal behavior return? Stay tuned!

UPDATE 5/11/2016...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

LOL, Debbie Frisch threatens blogger for describing her criminal record (5/5/2016)

LOL, typical Deb Frisch: react to a person's description of her criminal record for threatening, stalking, and harassment...by STALKING, THREATENING, and HARASSING them!

And, no Debbie, it's not "libel" if it's all TRUE...("libel"?? project much, Debbie??)

*Psycho Deborah Frisch mentioned on TheOtherMccain (5/1/2016)

And since Debbie likes posting other people's pictures, let's all remember these ones of Oregon Criminal 1675174 Deborah Ellen Frisch:

Deb Frisch stalks / harasses members of Facebook Math Group (5/5 &5/10/2016)

It never takes long: first Debbie starts posting somewhere. Then she shits the carpet.

UPDATE 5/10/2016...still at it. Deb Frisch tends to lash out at people once they've exposed her stupidity at math (and pretty much everything else).

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Deb Frisch gets mention on TheOtherMcCain (5/1/2016)

UPDATE 5/5/2016: Debbie Frisch doesn't seem to like it when people describe the TRUTH about her... LOL, Debbie Frisch threatens blogger for describing her criminal record (5/5/2016)

Consider, for example, the case of Deb Fritsch [sic] a former university professor
who lost her job after she harassed blogger Jeff Goldstein in 2006. Was it “
doxing” to identify Fritsch [sic]? No, she was engaged in seriously evil behavior
online while employed at a taxpayer-supported public university and, as it
subsequently turned out, was so completely crazy she was repeatedly
arrested for stalking. (She has a Ph.D. in psychology, ironically enough.)

Full Blogpost here: What #TrigglyPuff Means

Other "Other McCain" mentions...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

LOL, mathematical crank Deb Frisch moronically tries to "refute" Rabin's Calibration Theorem

In today's McBlog, Debbie Frisch recycles an old bit of idiocy claiming to "expose" the "mistakes" of various successful academics. She's been obsessively riding this lame hobby-horse for years. To understand why Frisch would air such manifest stupidity, a little background will help:

Oregon Criminal 1675174 Deborah Ellen Frisch envies others' academic achievements and successful careers...because dumbass Debbie
Deborah Ellen Frisch (of the San Diego / Encinitas / Carlsbad California area) has a lengthy
criminal record for stalking, harassment and other crimes.

Hilariously, Debbie overlooks the obvious conclusion for the "errors" she says she found: SHES A MATHEMATICAL DUMBASS!