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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Convicted Criminal Deb Frisch says others arrested...again (7/31/2015)

Update 7/31: Funny how the list of peeps Debbie lies about being arrested/indicted is almost
as long as Debbie's own arrest record!

No, Debbie, they don't have mug shots...unlike YOU!

Update 7/28: No, Debbie, you got it backward: YOU will be arrested if you keep StalkingHarassingThreatening HER...remember the STFU order she sent you?

And Debbie somehow knows a "billionaire"...but has been panhandling and leaching off of food stamps, disability and other guvmint gimmees? Not. Buying. It.

Update 6/2: Exhibiting her sociopathic tendencies, Debbie Frisch tries to minimize her criminal behavior...

Actually, we much prefer THESE mug shots...can't wait to get a couple more of them, maybe as early as FRIDAY

Update 5/29: When we all see dummy Debbie's (next) mug shot and know she's 
dressed like a pickle and eating slop at 101 W. 5th, the laughter will be delicious...

As for her tawk of mugshots, Debbie tawks pretty tuff for someone who has THIS
many mug shots...

As usual, Debbie's predictions of others' arrests will make for HILARIOUS reading when Dummy Deb Frisch is back in her green prison jumpsuit for another stint at Lane County Jail...

In typical Debbie DARVO style, Frisch falsely accuses someone of "telephonic
harassment"...when it's DEBBIE who has the long list of criminal convictions...

Given Debbie's criminal habits on the phone, there'd be no surprise if SHE's
in jail soon...

lol, Deb Frisch doesn't like being "menaced" by "negro" court officers (7/31/2015)

Court officer puts Debbie in her place; Debbie erupts with vile racism and vulgarity.

Hope there are African-American cops on hand when Debbie gets the cuffs again...

Note to Debbie Frisch: 
Deb Frisch needs to learn this.
Oregon Criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch needs to learn this

Friday, July 31, 2015

Deb Frisch calls DA a "felon" but Debbie has the CRIMINAL RECORD (7/31/2015)

Update (7/31) LOL, Dummy Debbie claims the new Lane County DA is a "felon"
So how come it's just DEBBIE who has the REAL criminal record

Update (6/7) Yup, Debbie's still trying to blame others for her own criminal behavior.

Update (6/5) Yawn...more groundless accusations by Teh Debbie

Update (6/2) Yawn...Debbie's moronic understanding of law is illustrated in her attempt to project ORS 162.235 on the prosecutor...when it's DEBBIE who has the criminal record for stalking, harassment and threatening people...(Debbie's behavior has also been described as exhibiting the DARVO phenomenon 

Update (5/29): lol, Debbie now accuses FINANCE DIRECTOR of fraud...after s/he
ignores Criminal Debbie's moronic accusations

Update (5/27-28): LOL, Debbie tries to accuse the DDA of fraud, and gets the reply: 
"STFU, criminal, we don't care about your attempts to libel the prosecutors holding
you accountable for your criminal behavior!"

Funny how Debbie accuses others of criminal behavior, yet SHE'S the one with the 
extensive arrest and conviction record...

And for teh record: yes, Debbie DID "commit" the crime of Initiating a False Report 
on or about March 31, 2015...just ask the Eugene Register-Guard...

Miss Debbie Frisch tries to evade court ordered psych evaluation (7/31/2015)

UPDATE 7/31: So, will Debbie fulfill her required psych evaluation process by the August 2nd
deadline? tick-tock...Debbie claims she's obeyed the legal order, but her opinion doesn't actually count much...

UPDATE 7/26: Debbie's inability to read plain English (um, continuing to take drugs is
not "entering into...a mental health treatment program") Apparently Debbie finally obeyed
the DA and judge and got her psych evaluation...

UPDATE 7/9: After unsuccessfully trying to BRIBE a "witness" to lie for her at (

UPDATE 6/29: Lane County Court IGNORES Debbie's impotent incompetent "motions"... So Debbie tries a little drunk-dialing... Real smart, Debbie! 

UPDATE 6/24: LOL, Dummy Debbie demonstrates her lack of reading skillz by ignoring teh phrase "APPROVED BY THE STATE"...tick-tock, tick-tock, July 2nd deadline approaches fast...

UPDATE 6/18: Debbie tries to play lawyer again...files an incompetent "motion" with teh Lane County Court...

UPDATE 6/15: Here we go again? Not wise to threaten to threaten to sue your court-ordered psychiatric overseers, Debbie...

UPDATE 5/22:  Debbie doesn't seem to know that you need a LICENSE to claim you're a "psychologist" in Oregon... 

Dummy Debbie, obviously, has never had a license to practice clinical psychology...

Looks like Debbie is trying to EVADE her court-ordered psych evaluation again...
Pretty simple, Debbie (even for you):
Court ordered you to get psych evaluation (March 30)
+ You've been cited as Non-Compliant with that order (April 20)
+ The DA is thisclose to requesting a warrant for your arrest (May 5)
+ No, YOU don't count as a "psychologist" (May 22) 
= J-A-I-L

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Debbie Frisch: I'm gonna sue GOOGLE! (7/30/2015)

Update 7/27: Debbie, enraged that there are blogs that monitor her criminal behavior,
sends Google her 3,141st TOOTHLESS TORT CLAIMS NOTICE!!1

Update 5/26: Debbie spends 3 hours on hold trying to shut down 1st Amendment-protected speech monitoring her criminal behavior...HERE'S an idea, Debbie: if you don't like Google, shut down your Blogger McBlogs and do business SOMEWHERE ELSE

Funny how dummy Deb Frisch keeps blaming others for her own criminal behavior (a la DARVO)
Google? Facebook? 

Oh, and that part about "Sinner" being "forced to shut down" his website? A lie, of course...in fact,
it was moron Deb Frisch whose websites have been forced to shut down:

Of course, certain individuals have since taken over debfrisch.com, where it now serves to warn
the innocent public of Frisch's criminal habits and behavior.


lol, pussy Debbie Frisch doesn't like being "heckled" or told the consequences of her criminal behavior 7/30/2015

 Update 7/30: Ever notice that when Debbie does it, she calls it "heckling" or "making a joke"
--but when it's done to her, she calls it "inciting violence" and "stalking" and "menacing"?

"Menaced"...Seems like Debbie needs a daily reminder of a basic fact about public behavior:

Hmm...Debbie claims to be victimized for "making a joke"...why does that sound like a 
familiar rationalization? Amazing how, 10 years later, Debbie doesn't get a basic moral:

Thinking 101:
  • if YOU would call it "threatening" when OTHERS do it to you, then YOU are "threatening" when YOU do it to OTHERS. 
  • if YOU would downplay it as only "heckling" when YOU do it to OTHERS, then YOU are only being "heckled" when OTHERS do it to YOU

Hmmm...Debbie only finds her stalking/threatening/harassment a "bad idea" when she's deterred
by the imminent prospect of bodily harm. No surprise there...

Update 7/19: Actually, Debbie, it's 100% legal to inform you of the consequences of your continued criminal behavior. But since you're the one with the stalking, harassment, criminal impersonation, etc. record, we see your limp lobes are S-L-O-W to get the point :)

Ever notice that when Debbie does it, she calls it "heckling"
--but when it's done to her, she calls it "stalking" and "menacing"?

Deb Frisch's stupid attempts to re-define the English language are well-known: See the Debbie Frisch lexicon 

Maybe if Debbie worked on her logic-skillz, she might not have that
lengthy criminal record...