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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dummy Deb Frisch files lying, impotent "motion" in Federal Court (7/2/2015)

LOL, funny how Debbie omits the important stuff here:

  1. "...a 40 day incarceration for 3 stalking charges that were ultimately dismissed" (AND A COUNT OF INITIATING A FALSE REPORT WHICH DEB FRISCH WAS ULTIMATELY CONVICTED OF)
  2. "the existence of 10-mc-07020-TC suggests it might be in the state's interest..." (um...it might be in the state's interest to know that THE FEDERAL COURT HAS BANNED YOUR ILLITERATE SPEW FROM ENTERING ITS ELECTRONIC GATEWAY? Yeah, that'll really show the State...real smart, Debbie!)

LOL, Dummy Deb Frisch tries to revive SETTLED criminal case (7/2/2015)

LOL, Um...the time for "discovery" was BEFORE you pleaded GUILTY/NO-CONTEST to
the criminal charges against you...not after....

Watching Debbie fumble through legal pleadings is like watching a one-legged man try to
kick a door down!

Convicted Criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch accuses others of crimes...(7/2/2015)

Update (7/2) LOL, pretty funny Oregon Criminal 1675174 would direct others to use google. Check out what happens when you google "arrest Frisch" lol

Update (6/7) Yup, Debbie's still trying to blame others for her own criminal behavior.

Update (6/5) Yawn...more groundless accusations by Teh Debbie

Update (6/2) Yawn...Debbie's moronic understanding of law is illustrated in her attempt to project ORS 162.235 on the prosecutor...when it's DEBBIE who has the criminal record for stalking, harassment and threatening people...(Debbie's behavior has also been described as exhibiting the DARVO phenomenon 

Update (5/29): lol, Debbie now accuses FINANCE DIRECTOR of fraud...after s/he
ignores Criminal Debbie's moronic accusations

Update (5/27-28): LOL, Debbie tries to accuse the DDA of fraud, and gets the reply: 
"STFU, criminal, we don't care about your attempts to libel the prosecutors holding
you accountable for your criminal behavior!"

Funny how Debbie accuses others of criminal behavior, yet SHE'S the one with the 
extensive arrest and conviction record...

And for teh record: yes, Debbie DID "commit" the crime of Initiating a False Report 
on or about March 31, 2015...just ask the Eugene Register-Guard...

Deb Frisch Random Stupidity (7/1/2015)

7/1: LOL @ multiply-convicted criminal 1675174 Debbie Ellen Frisch calling anyone else "psychopathic" and "psychotic"... 

Here's a guess at the reply to Miss Debbie's ranting letter:

Dear Miss Frisch,

STFU and bring it on, dummy! 

p.s. We already know how your last frivolous lolsuit ended up! 

6/30: Pretty hilarious that Debbie would call anyone a "stalker"...when the truth is that SHE'S the one with the criminal record for stalking, harassment, etc.

6/28: LOL, Dummy Debbie Frisch wonders why everyone is ignoring her toothless TORT CLAIMS NOTICES!!1 

Um, because everyone KNOWS they're toothless, maybe? lol

6/25: So another person tells Debbie to STFU and GTFO? Surprise, surprise...

6/24: LOL, the answers are obviously what your toothless lawsuit threat is gonna get: ZERO and ZERO. 
For the record: yes, the evidence against Debbie on her stalking-charges was overwhelming:

6/23: Actually, dummy, telling you to STFU and reminding you of the legal consequences* of failing to obey is PERFECTLY legal. But since YOURE the one with the criminal record for stalking, harassment, filing false reports and criminal impersonation, we see your limp lobes are very s-l-o-w to grasp the concept...


6/23: Dummy Deb Frisch whines that paperwork actually costs money. Gee Debbie, maybe you shouldn't have made yourself unemployable by sexually threatening toddlers: then you'd HAVE the money to fund your frivolous bullshit!

6/23: Moron Debbie Frisch missed the day in Reality 101 where you don't get to dictate how the details of your arrest are covered by the media

6/21: Checkmate? Yup, Debbie...but not the way you think... Remember what happened LAST time you tried to extort money from Oregon counties...

6/17: LOL, no Debbie...the cause of your "jurisprudential problems" are you, You, and YOU, as in: your illegal stalking behavior, your illegal harassing behavior, and your illegal threatening behavior. The proof is in your lengthy criminal record:

6/16: Two obvious points:

...and John Nash could actually do mathematics...you can't, Debbie.

6/14: Um, because you're a stalking, harassing, threatening CRIMINAL, Debbie--that's why people root for law enforcement against you! Stop breaking the law and the law will stop breaking YOU.


6/13: You LOST dummy! So it sounds like there was PLENTY of evidence and logic in
the charges against you...


KLCC to Criminal Debbie Frisch: STFU! (7/2/2015)

LOL, yet another organization tells Criminal Deb Frisch that her shit-for-brains opinions are UNWELCOME

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

lol, Debbie Frisch doesn't like being "heckled" 7/1/2015

Ever notice that when Debbie does it, she calls it "heckling"
--but when it's done to her, she calls it "stalking"?

Maybe if Debbie worked on her logic-skillz, she might not have that
lengthy criminal record...

"Mission Accomplished" 7/1/2015

Guess which one ended up with the 55 days in J-A-I-L?