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Friday, May 22, 2015

May 26th: Deb Frisch probation violation hearing just 'round the corner...

One long weekend left...tick-tock, tick-tock...
Tick-tock, tick-tock...

Tsk-Tsk, Miss Debbie Frisch tries to evade court ordered psych evaluation (5/22/2015)

UPDATE 5/22:  Debbie doesn't seem to know that you need a LICENSE to claim you're a "psychologist" in Oregon... 

Dummy Debbie, obviously, has never had a license to practice clinical psychology...

Looks like Debbie is trying to EVADE her court-ordered psych evaluation again...
Pretty simple, Debbie (even for you):
Court ordered you to get psych evaluation (March 30)
+ You've been cited as Non-Compliant with that order (April 20)
+ The DA is thisclose to requesting a warrant for your arrest (May 5)
+ No, YOU don't count as a "psychologist" (May 22)
= J-A-I-L

Deb Frisch stalking police officers & judge (5/14-22/2015)

UPDATE 5/22: Debbie thinks it somehow helps the criminal cases against her to post
about Eugene Police Officers and judges...

"arrested me for emailing epd employees after [they] told me not to"

LOL, confessing to criminal behavior. Dummy.

In this blog, Dummy Debbie (whose pigin-French is lulzy) wants a meeting with Eugene
police officers at 300 Country Club Road, no doubt to try to threaten them with one of her
toothless tort claims notices.

Keep up your StalkHarassThreatening behavior, Debbie, and you'll soon have LOTS of
time with Eugene police officers!

Deschutes DA keeping records of Deb Frisch criminal behavior 2015

Looks like the evidence of Debbie's stalk-harass-threaten strategery against the authorities
fills 5 computer discs...so far

And counting, since Deschutes is still screencapping evidence of Debbie's criminal behavior:

And Debbie continues to add to it: 

Oregon Criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch harassing JUDGE about her latest lawyer (5/22/2015)

UPDATE (5/20): Debbie's gonna start harassing her judge with this stuff? LOL
UPDATE (5/22): Yup...

Debbie keeps thinking that she can dictate who her free public defender will be...
and demanding a pic to blogstalk him with? lol

Dummy Deb Frisch posts evidence of her stalking history (22 May 2015)

Kinda stoopid to post evidence that you've been StalkingHarassingThreatening your latest
victims since DECEMBER...That kind of evidence will make for quite an aggravating factor
when it comes time to decide Debbie's JAIL SENTENCE...


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