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Friday, August 13, 2010

Deb Frisch PRETENDS to own house, commits FRAUD (8/12/10)

Did dummy Deb Frisch commit FRAUD by subletting a house which she DOESN'T OWN??

It's mighty interesting to "reverse engineer" today's harassment-dropping on Deb Frisch's McBlog today....

From today's posting, it SEEMS that Deborah Frisch SUBLET the pig-sty she
lives in (which, as Lane County police records reveal, is located at 86574 North Modesto Drive, Eugene, OR 97402).

While Miss Debbie refers to 86574 North Modesto as "her property," teh fact
is that she DIDN'T list it on her "assets list" when she applied to file in court
in forma pauperis, as this record shows:

Two MOAR bits of evidence:

So, just to sum up:

(1) Deborah Frisch doesn't own teh 86574 North Modesto pig-sty

(2) Deborah Frisch PRETENDS to own teh 86574 North Modesto pig-sty, and scams money from innocent subletters

Hmmm...smells a lot like FRAUD, don't it?

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