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Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Death Threats From Deb Frisch (10/14/10)

Looks like Debbie doesn't like getting a taste of her own

In today's blog, miss Debbie makes vile death threats
against the hosts of a blog which publicized the contact
information of the people who are giving unemployed
Deb Frisch free room and board and spending-money...

858-350-1232 Allen and Susan Frisch, 319 Punta Baja, Del Mar, CA (Mom and Dad. Must be so proud!)
650-508-0829 Andrew Frisch 552 Alameda De Las Pulgas, San Carlos, CA (brother)
858-610-2952 Lisa Beth Frisch San Diego, CA (sister) Husband is Michael Mee. 4279 Corte Favor, San Diego, CA

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  1. Oh! Glad you like my graphic.

    I thought the "PhD" was nuanced and teh subtle. I never go for over-the-top imagery. I respect my audience's ability to mentally fill in the blanks.

    (Speaking of respect, I Appreciate! the linky... )



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