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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Yet another beatdown of Debbie Frisch from Surr Ender (9/5/2018)

A mystery gadfly who goes by the moniker "Surr Ender" has been mocking Debbie, of late. Previous smackdowns of Debbie's stupidity can be found here and here.

In today's slapdown, Surr Ender reminds Debbie that her legal skillz suck:

Debbie in flight, goes apeshit, taunts law enforcement (8/30-9/5/18)

 DEBBIE FLEES Debbie in flight after disastrous bail-mod hearing
Seeking to escape the consequences of her criminal behavior--a felony warrant--coward Debbie Frisch is hiding from law enforcement. But not without committing more crimes...

UPDATE (9/1)

UPDATE (8/31): Debbie decides it would be a good idea to continue stalking harassing and threatening law enforcement and criminal justice officials :P


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