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Friday, July 31, 2009

Deb Frisch pwned on Facebook

So Debbie Frisch wanted to troll John Grisham's site on Facebook.

Unfortunately for Teh Deb, she's easy to google...and pwn.

Link goes, of course, to a news report about Deborah Frisch losing
her job for threatening a child online

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dummy Deb Frisch Sick Spew about University of Oregon

This little gem highlights Deborah Frisch's longstanding rage at the University
of Oregon

Debbie Frisch has conniptions whenever she remembers how their psychology
department denied Teh Deb tenure.

Debbie imagines all sorts of wild conspiracy theories behind losing her job.
But the truth is simple:

Deb Frisch was too stoopid to publish.

And EVERYONE knows it, as illustrated by this exchange on the Society
for Judgment and Decision Making mailing list:

[1] Jealous Deborah Frisch snarks at a colleague who actually accomplished

[2] The Professor Dan Ariely pwns stupid Deb Frisch, requesting her nonexistent
"recent publications"
[3] JG Erbil pwns Deb Frisch by pointing out that the only news Deb Frisch has
ever made involve 1) Deb Frisch's firing from the University of Arizona for threatening
a child online
, 2) and Deb Frisch's humiliation at the University of Oregon

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deborah Frisch Vulgarity and Waste of Her Life

As usual, Miss Debbie fantasizes on and on about others' sexual behavior.
The fact is:

It's Deb Frisch who lost her job for sexual remarks about a

It's Deborah Frisch whose fevered delusions have earned her
two criminal convictions
for stalking and harassment.

Could it be that Miss Debbie is JEALOUS of others' achievements, given
the wasted wreckage Deborah Frisch has made of her life?

Every time you point that finger, Miss Debbie, there's four fingers pointing
back at YOU.

Deb Frisch continues to harass children and libel judges

For awhile, Debbie Frisch had had the good sense to STFU...
But she moar than made up for her silence today, achieving
a twofer of 1) harassing two high school students and their
parents and 2) libeling various judges...

As usual, Miss Debbie doesn't take criticism very constructively,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Now, Here's Racist AntiSemite Bigot Deb Frisch!

Today's blog contains the usual limp-lobed offerings that
Deborah Frisch usually types up.

One thing worth noting is how unimaginative Debbie's bigotry is.
She tends to rehash the same humorless "jokes" ad nauseum, as
illustrated by the "ashtray" slur, above--which little Debbie Frisch
also sent as hate mail to a Jewish blogger in January
. (Frisch also
repeated the "sex between a priest and an altar boy" brainfart in
remarks before the Eugene City Council.

(August 3)--Debbie Frisch sends an impotent letter to a
U.S. Senator

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deb Frisch Hits the Bar, Hits on a Girl, and Hits teh Roof (2009)

Looks like Miss Debbie had a doozy of a weekend:

Part 1: Miss Debbie Hits the Bar...

As Debbie blogs here, she attended a dance at the
bar, Diablo's. This, of course, violates Deborah
Frisch's probation requirements to stay out of
...But teh lulz are just starting on this humdinger
of a night...

Part Two: Miss Debbie Hits on a Chick...

So Miss Debbie comes on to some poor woman--we'll call her "Dr. R." As
her moniker suggests, Dr. R has a good deal of psychological training;
so she surely knows what a delusional lunatic Miss Debbie is.

(Of course, Teh Deb throws in a paragraph libeling another of her assault
victims, who had the courage to stand up to Debbie's bullying and get Deb
Frisch held accountable for her criminal actions


Funny thing, though...while Miss Debbie thinks they hit it off
("serious leg contact...rubbing thighs" EW!), her newest stalking
victim didn't take quite as much of a shine to Miss Debbie.

Debbie didn't take the verbal rebuffs so well...

Part Three: Debbie Hits teh Roof!

Of course, Miss Debbie hounded the poor soul by email.

Said poor soul tried to let Miss Debbie down gently.

As thanks, Teh Deb posted the kindly woman's email--with
all of her contact information--on Deb's Blog of Spew. And
titled it "biker trash."




All in a weekend's work for Oregon Offender #1675174, Deborah Ellen Frisch.


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