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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dummy Deb Frisch Sick Spew about University of Oregon

This little gem highlights Deborah Frisch's longstanding rage at the University
of Oregon

Debbie Frisch has conniptions whenever she remembers how their psychology
department denied Teh Deb tenure.

Debbie imagines all sorts of wild conspiracy theories behind losing her job.
But the truth is simple:

Deb Frisch was too stoopid to publish.

And EVERYONE knows it, as illustrated by this exchange on the Society
for Judgment and Decision Making mailing list:

[1] Jealous Deborah Frisch snarks at a colleague who actually accomplished

[2] The Professor Dan Ariely pwns stupid Deb Frisch, requesting her nonexistent
"recent publications"
[3] JG Erbil pwns Deb Frisch by pointing out that the only news Deb Frisch has
ever made involve 1) Deb Frisch's firing from the University of Arizona for threatening
a child online
, 2) and Deb Frisch's humiliation at the University of Oregon

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