A blog devoted to reminding Deb Frisch that, even if she takes down her libelous and harassing posts, the evidence has been screencapped...and forwarded to appropriate authorities...[dfrisch@pobox.com dfrisch@nsf.gov or dfrisch@oregon.uoregon.edu]

Monday, November 9, 2009

Deb Frisch Libels Town Council Member

As usual, jobless Deborah Frisch can't resist envying people who have
actual jobs. Hence Sunday's blog...

Deb Frisch quickly pulled down teh blog, of course--out of fear that
her habits of stalking and harassment might reach ears in teh Federal
Court where Miss Debbie has filed her frivolous lawsuit. (Of course,
it's a bit late for that--Deb Frisch's habits of harassment, death-fascinated
, and filthy harassing emails are now part of teh court record.)

The screencap below (an unredacted version of which will soon be
sent to teh Oregon Federal District court) gives Debbie Frisch lesson
#10,290 in an obvious fact:

Dummy Deborah Frisch--TEH INTERNETS ARE FOREVER!!1

Friday, October 23, 2009

Deb Frisch Death Threat/Suicide REDUX

We recently had a Gomer "GOOOOOLLLLYY" Pyle moment here
at InternetIsForever.

Imagine our surprise to learn that, in an October 5th filing in Federal
District Court, Miss Debbie actually screencapped THIS BLOG
as evidence of some vast ethereal KONSPIRACY against her.

Here's the screencap from her court filing (original posting here):

Since teh image is grainy, here's a close-up of the
police dispatch record:

Now where-oh-where might anyone get the idea that Little Miss
Debbie had made a death threat?! HINT: check out her blog of
August 14, 2009, where she fantasizes about "chopping the heads
...genitals...arms [and] legs [and then disemboweling]" 7 of a
professor's children and cooking them into a stew:

Given Deborah Frisch's long habit of threatening children,
such threats like this are (as they say) par for the course.
It's also--how do you say?--illegal.

Oh, and while we're at it: Debbie also dumps another
groundless lie into her Oct. 5 "kitchen sink" filing. This
time, teh target was Gerbil Nation Psyops Minister LargenFirm
(posting in this thread)

Soon afterward, Miss Debbie received a "Welfare Check" from
two police officers. Miss Debbie actually claims that Largenfirm
made the cawl to kops, calling it "stalking."

As if.

Teh FACTS: 1) where would Gerbils get the idea that Debbie
might be suicidal? Hmmm...could it be HER BLOG, perhaps?

"I give up. I am going to self-immolate." Sounds kinda suicidal,
doesn't it?

2) For Teh Record: LargenFirm never made the phone call to police.
And he can prove it.

Of course, Debbie filed those lies in her federal filings because she
never thought there would actually be EVIDENCE that she'd posted
death and suicide musings.

But guess what, Debbie? THE. INTERNET. IS. FOREVER.

Better luck next time. Or not.

Deb Frisch threatens to amend her LOLSUIT

Teh lawyers have a saying: "When you have the facts, pound
on the facts; when you have the law, pound on the law. But when
you have neither teh facts nor teh law...then you pound the table."

As followers of Deborah Frisch's frivolous lolsuit know, Teh Deb
is being pounded
daily by teh facts and teh law.

So is this bit of tantrumlike table-pounding any surprise?

Her grounds for suing teh new defendants? Well...

In short, Deborah Frisch, as one defense lawyer has aptly written, "views her lawsuit as nothing
other than an opportunity to harass and annoy defendants for no legitimate purpose."

The only thing the above would-be defendants have in common? They refused to be bullied by Deborah Frisch. They refused to listen to her squalid, racist, disgusting tantrums. They stopped letting her soil the carpet with her foul-mouthed crap.

We applaud them for standing firm and standing pat. For as Edmund Burke once put it, "evil flourishes when good men do nothing."

Cliff Notes: Defense Attorney's Motion for Summary Judgment against Deb Frisch

As Frisch-followers know, Defense attorneys for teh City of
Springfield have filed a Motion for Summary Judgment to
pwn Deborah Frisch's claims against that city (and one of their
. Here's their argument in a nutshell:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deb Frisch banned from Facebook Group [Jan 09]

Well, it looks like Deborah Frisch is transferring her social skillz (read: lack
thereof) to Facebook. She was quickly spotted as a troll jealous of John Grisham's
success 3 times this past summer.

Here's an earlier "blast from the past": a Facebook Group which quickly tired of
Frisch's sick antics in Dec 2008-Jan 2009.

Since the group is moderated, we can only imagine what vile "Deb Droppings"
were deleted from the group's postings. But if the past is any guide, we can
guess they were some pretty nauseating comments, indeed.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Police Report on Deborah Frisch details drunkenness, assault

Attorneys for the City of Springfield made public a Domestic
Violence Investigative Report about Deborah Frisch today. The report was filed
as an exhibit for a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the City of Springfield
--a motion, in short, to pwn Miss Debbie's frivolous lolsuit.

The Report corroborates earlier-known details of Frisch's actions last Nov. 2,
which led to Frisch's March conviction on charges of physical harassment and
illegal use of pepper spray

Teh phrase "hoisted by her own petard" comes to mind--for, had it not been for
Frisch's frivolous lawsuit, the Report would have never seen the light of day. But,
well...here it is! (Name of the victim is redacted)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dummy Deb Frisch asks for "help" to stalk/harass/threaten victims

Fallout from Teh Deb's learning that, after sending scores of
threatening, harassing, stalking and libelous emails, her targets

actually have the ability to shiitecan Debbie's spew, sight unseen.

Many dogs quickly learn that pissing the carpet tends to cause
grown-ups to banish you from the room. But such a basic
insight into cause-and-effect still eludes Deborah Frisch.

Deb Frisch, like an interminable two-year-old, is enraged
that her temper-tantrums are being safely ignored.

So today, teh idiot has asked for others to "help" in her campaign
of harassment, threatening, and libeling innocent peeps.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Deb Frisch Sends 45 Harassing Emails in 4 Days!

Dummy Deb Frisch (who is pursuing a frivolous lawsuit in federal court)
has begun posting the fruits of discovery--including those which any
rational person would rather keep under wraps...

Here, for instance, is a Dec. 2008 email exchange between Tech Support
workers for Lane County and Eugene City email servers. In it, they
document that Frisch had sent 45(!) harassing emails to the city in the
course of 4 days.

"She's a busy lady," quips one of the techies, although it is common
knowledge that Deborah Frisch has been unemployed for 3 years (for
threatening a child online)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sick Deb Frisch Spews Vile Bile Toward Yale Profs

Deborah Frisch, unemployed for 3+ years after losing her job
for threatening children online
, envies successful people (as
we've seen over and over).

So no surprise that Frisch would inject her sick fantasies into
the Annie Le tragedy at Yale.

Here is

1) A harassing email Frisch sent to various Yale university

2) A harassing phone message Debbie Frisch left for (presumably)
the DA in the New Haven case

Perhaps Miss Debbie thinks this stuff will impress Yale enough to
grant her an interview? Lulz.

Dummy Deb Frisch Makes MOAR Harassing Phone Calls

No surprise that Deborah Frisch has a criminal record for
telephonic stalking
and harassment (2006, 2009)...

In these blogs, Debbie Frisch reveals how she has recently

1) harassed district attorneys with Frisch's moronic conspiracy theories


2) harassed accomplished academics whose success the jobless Deb
Frisch envies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deb Frisch Libels Cop who held her responsible for harassment

As we always note, it really must Teh Suxxorz to be Deborah Frisch.

In today's feebleminded droppings, Miss Debbie posts a blog libeling
a Eugene Police Officer (after stalking his Facebook page--which seems
to be Dumbphuque Deb's latest harassment/stalking tool):

Why teh h8 for the Officer Deb Frisch "interacted" with? Because that
"interaction" involved arresting Deb Frisch for stalking and harassing
an innocent victim in 2006
. (Deb Frisch served 1 year of probation as a
result of that case.

The officer also recorded Deborah Frisch's pathetic attempts to entice
her 2006 victim in his police report:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Drunk Deb Frisch criticizes lawyer's beer-preference

As usual, Miss Debbie projects her many failures and
weaknesses on other people.

In today's blog, Teh Deb critiques the beer-choice of
a attorney who told her to STFU. But of course, it's
Deborah Frisch who, blindingly drunk, assaulted an
innocent victim
on November 2, 2008. (And, of course,
the terms of Deb Frisch's probation forbid her from

Friday, August 14, 2009

Deb Frisch fantasizes about murdered children...again

Deborah Frisch, who lost her job in 2006 for sexual and violent fantasies
about a child once again shows that she hasn't learned her lesson...

In today's blog, Miss Debbie fantasizes about beheading, dismembering and
slicing off the genitals of 7 children.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Deb Frisch hates being held responsible for her actions

Debbie's biggest pet peeve is being held accountable for her actions. Hence
this bit of bile spewed toward the Lane County ADA who helped secure
Deb Frisch's conviction for assaulting and stalking an innocent victim.

Moar racist rantings from Deborah Frisch...

Deb Frisch getting pwned on Facebook

Links are to videos illustrating Debbie's criminal and psychotic tendencies.

Friday, August 7, 2009

3 Years Later...Deb Frisch First Humiliation

Hard to believe that it's been 3 years since Deborah Frisch pwned
herself out of a job...

Found this funny little tidbit from way back then...

3 years have passed, but the OC nailed Deb Frisch perfectly back

"Sadly, all Deb Frisch ever seems to prove is her own tragic
instability, whether by threatening pedophilia, starting infantile
internet pissing matches, or by posting transcripts of her imaginary
appearances on shows like the Colbert Report..."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pedophile Deb Frisch Fantasizes about 6th grade sex-ed

Any surprise that Deborah Frisch lost her job for posting sexual
fantasies about a two-year old

By now, followers of the blog know of Miss Debbie's obsession with
fantasizing about others' sexual practices. For reminders, just look
here or here or here or here

Why the obsession? Perhaps it's due to Teh Deb's sexual frustrations
--she's consistently REJECTED when she makes her awkward,
disgusting passes at her lust-interests (example here).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Deborah Frisch Mental Illness at work: Teh Case of John Grisham

Debbie Frisch has a sickness with predictable stages:

1) Desperate for validation, Deb Frisch seeks out person X
2) Person X sees Deb Frisch for the sick phuque she is
3) Person X rejects Deb Frisch
4) Deb Frisch gets enraged at person X
5) Deb Frisch harasses, libels and slanders person X.

We can see this at work in Debbie's recent hate of John Grisham.

At first, Miss Debbie blogged that she loved his books.

Then dummy Debbie tried to contact John Grisham.

Since Deb Frisch has no accomplishments, Grisham ignored
Teh Deb.

Hence Debbie's impotent, pathetic attempts to smear Grisham online--
on Facebook (where Debbie got pwned) and on her McBlog:

Failure Deb Frisch MOAR sick spew on U. of Oregon

Little Miss Debbie hates it when people discern her true motives.

So when teh Deb Frisch Timeline pegged Debbie as slamming an
honored University of Oregon professor out of jealousy (Deborah
Frisch was an EPIC FAIL as a teacher there...Deb Frisch was denied
tenure due to her incompetence as a teacher and researcher
Miss Debbie's compulsive illness led her to post another sick

Friday, July 31, 2009

Deb Frisch pwned on Facebook

So Debbie Frisch wanted to troll John Grisham's site on Facebook.

Unfortunately for Teh Deb, she's easy to google...and pwn.

Link goes, of course, to a news report about Deborah Frisch losing
her job for threatening a child online

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dummy Deb Frisch Sick Spew about University of Oregon

This little gem highlights Deborah Frisch's longstanding rage at the University
of Oregon

Debbie Frisch has conniptions whenever she remembers how their psychology
department denied Teh Deb tenure.

Debbie imagines all sorts of wild conspiracy theories behind losing her job.
But the truth is simple:

Deb Frisch was too stoopid to publish.

And EVERYONE knows it, as illustrated by this exchange on the Society
for Judgment and Decision Making mailing list:

[1] Jealous Deborah Frisch snarks at a colleague who actually accomplished

[2] The Professor Dan Ariely pwns stupid Deb Frisch, requesting her nonexistent
"recent publications"
[3] JG Erbil pwns Deb Frisch by pointing out that the only news Deb Frisch has
ever made involve 1) Deb Frisch's firing from the University of Arizona for threatening
a child online
, 2) and Deb Frisch's humiliation at the University of Oregon

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deborah Frisch Vulgarity and Waste of Her Life

As usual, Miss Debbie fantasizes on and on about others' sexual behavior.
The fact is:

It's Deb Frisch who lost her job for sexual remarks about a

It's Deborah Frisch whose fevered delusions have earned her
two criminal convictions
for stalking and harassment.

Could it be that Miss Debbie is JEALOUS of others' achievements, given
the wasted wreckage Deborah Frisch has made of her life?

Every time you point that finger, Miss Debbie, there's four fingers pointing
back at YOU.

Deb Frisch continues to harass children and libel judges

For awhile, Debbie Frisch had had the good sense to STFU...
But she moar than made up for her silence today, achieving
a twofer of 1) harassing two high school students and their
parents and 2) libeling various judges...

As usual, Miss Debbie doesn't take criticism very constructively,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Now, Here's Racist AntiSemite Bigot Deb Frisch!

Today's blog contains the usual limp-lobed offerings that
Deborah Frisch usually types up.

One thing worth noting is how unimaginative Debbie's bigotry is.
She tends to rehash the same humorless "jokes" ad nauseum, as
illustrated by the "ashtray" slur, above--which little Debbie Frisch
also sent as hate mail to a Jewish blogger in January
. (Frisch also
repeated the "sex between a priest and an altar boy" brainfart in
remarks before the Eugene City Council.

(August 3)--Debbie Frisch sends an impotent letter to a
U.S. Senator

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deb Frisch Hits the Bar, Hits on a Girl, and Hits teh Roof (2009)

Looks like Miss Debbie had a doozy of a weekend:

Part 1: Miss Debbie Hits the Bar...

As Debbie blogs here, she attended a dance at the
bar, Diablo's. This, of course, violates Deborah
Frisch's probation requirements to stay out of
...But teh lulz are just starting on this humdinger
of a night...

Part Two: Miss Debbie Hits on a Chick...

So Miss Debbie comes on to some poor woman--we'll call her "Dr. R." As
her moniker suggests, Dr. R has a good deal of psychological training;
so she surely knows what a delusional lunatic Miss Debbie is.

(Of course, Teh Deb throws in a paragraph libeling another of her assault
victims, who had the courage to stand up to Debbie's bullying and get Deb
Frisch held accountable for her criminal actions


Funny thing, though...while Miss Debbie thinks they hit it off
("serious leg contact...rubbing thighs" EW!), her newest stalking
victim didn't take quite as much of a shine to Miss Debbie.

Debbie didn't take the verbal rebuffs so well...

Part Three: Debbie Hits teh Roof!

Of course, Miss Debbie hounded the poor soul by email.

Said poor soul tried to let Miss Debbie down gently.

As thanks, Teh Deb posted the kindly woman's email--with
all of her contact information--on Deb's Blog of Spew. And
titled it "biker trash."




All in a weekend's work for Oregon Offender #1675174, Deborah Ellen Frisch.


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