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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dummy Deb Frisch asks for "help" to stalk/harass/threaten victims

Fallout from Teh Deb's learning that, after sending scores of
threatening, harassing, stalking and libelous emails, her targets

actually have the ability to shiitecan Debbie's spew, sight unseen.

Many dogs quickly learn that pissing the carpet tends to cause
grown-ups to banish you from the room. But such a basic
insight into cause-and-effect still eludes Deborah Frisch.

Deb Frisch, like an interminable two-year-old, is enraged
that her temper-tantrums are being safely ignored.

So today, teh idiot has asked for others to "help" in her campaign
of harassment, threatening, and libeling innocent peeps.

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