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Friday, August 14, 2009

Deb Frisch fantasizes about murdered children...again

Deborah Frisch, who lost her job in 2006 for sexual and violent fantasies
about a child once again shows that she hasn't learned her lesson...

In today's blog, Miss Debbie fantasizes about beheading, dismembering and
slicing off the genitals of 7 children.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Deb Frisch hates being held responsible for her actions

Debbie's biggest pet peeve is being held accountable for her actions. Hence
this bit of bile spewed toward the Lane County ADA who helped secure
Deb Frisch's conviction for assaulting and stalking an innocent victim.

Moar racist rantings from Deborah Frisch...

Deb Frisch getting pwned on Facebook

Links are to videos illustrating Debbie's criminal and psychotic tendencies.

Friday, August 7, 2009

3 Years Later...Deb Frisch First Humiliation

Hard to believe that it's been 3 years since Deborah Frisch pwned
herself out of a job...

Found this funny little tidbit from way back then...

3 years have passed, but the OC nailed Deb Frisch perfectly back

"Sadly, all Deb Frisch ever seems to prove is her own tragic
instability, whether by threatening pedophilia, starting infantile
internet pissing matches, or by posting transcripts of her imaginary
appearances on shows like the Colbert Report..."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pedophile Deb Frisch Fantasizes about 6th grade sex-ed

Any surprise that Deborah Frisch lost her job for posting sexual
fantasies about a two-year old

By now, followers of the blog know of Miss Debbie's obsession with
fantasizing about others' sexual practices. For reminders, just look
here or here or here or here

Why the obsession? Perhaps it's due to Teh Deb's sexual frustrations
--she's consistently REJECTED when she makes her awkward,
disgusting passes at her lust-interests (example here).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Deborah Frisch Mental Illness at work: Teh Case of John Grisham

Debbie Frisch has a sickness with predictable stages:

1) Desperate for validation, Deb Frisch seeks out person X
2) Person X sees Deb Frisch for the sick phuque she is
3) Person X rejects Deb Frisch
4) Deb Frisch gets enraged at person X
5) Deb Frisch harasses, libels and slanders person X.

We can see this at work in Debbie's recent hate of John Grisham.

At first, Miss Debbie blogged that she loved his books.

Then dummy Debbie tried to contact John Grisham.

Since Deb Frisch has no accomplishments, Grisham ignored
Teh Deb.

Hence Debbie's impotent, pathetic attempts to smear Grisham online--
on Facebook (where Debbie got pwned) and on her McBlog:

Failure Deb Frisch MOAR sick spew on U. of Oregon

Little Miss Debbie hates it when people discern her true motives.

So when teh Deb Frisch Timeline pegged Debbie as slamming an
honored University of Oregon professor out of jealousy (Deborah
Frisch was an EPIC FAIL as a teacher there...Deb Frisch was denied
tenure due to her incompetence as a teacher and researcher
Miss Debbie's compulsive illness led her to post another sick


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