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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Deborah Frisch stalks high school student (8/31/10)

Dummy Deb Frisch lost her job in 2006 for making sexual
remarks about a toddler online
. So today's blog, where
Debbie moons over a high school student, should come as
no surprise.

There's also word that Deb Frisch has already been reported to teh
--and WARNED to cease and desist stalking and harassing this

Will Debbie listen? Well, if she had any lick of sense, she wouldn't
HAVE a (criminal) record like this, right?

coyotemind@gmail.com = psycho fraud Deb Frisch


coyotemind@gmail.com is an email used by scammer Deborah Frisch. She has criminal convictions for stalking, harassment, and assault. She's on probation until 2012 on those charges.

For more on Deb Frisch, see these links:

Deborah Frisch stalks, harasses ANOTHER neighbor (8/31/10)

My, my, my...looks like Miss Debbie isn't none too popular in her neighborhood
lately. That's the only thing that could explain the twice convicted criminal's
posting a stalking photo about ANOTHER neighbor (and a local realtor).
(For yesterday's neighbor-stalking by Deborah Frisch, see this link.)

For all of Dummy Debbie's stalking, we should always remember this:
that neighbor actually OWNS his property--unlike Deb Frisch, who
does NOT own the house she lives in on 86574 North Modesto Drive,
Eugene, OR 97402, and committed FRAUD by pretending to own it
and renting it to unsuspecting victims

Scammer Deborah Frisch stalks, harasses neighbor (8/30/10)

Well, no surprise here: in today's blog, moron Deb Frisch continues to
practice the stalking and harassment which led to her criminal record
for stalking, harassment, and assault.

Here's Debbie's blog, including stalking photos of a neighbor who, no
doubt, told Deb Frisch to go phuque herself.

For all of Dummy Debbie's stalking, we should always remember this:
that neighbor actually OWNS his property--unlike Deb Frisch, who
does NOT own the house she lives in on 86574 North Modesto Drive,
Eugene, OR 97402, and committed FRAUD by pretending to own it
and renting it to unsuspecting victims

Monday, August 30, 2010

Deborah Frisch makes threatening call to lawyer (8/30/10)

Well, looks like idiot Deb Frisch can't even read teh newspaper without
feeling rage at the lawyers who made Deborah Ellen Frisch look like
teh moron she is
during her frivolous lawsuit.

In today's blog, Deb Frisch reveals how she made a threatening phone call
to a Eugene Oregon attorney. Looks like Debbie wants to add to her two
criminal convictions for stalking, harassment, and assault.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Deb Frisch LIES, but convinces NO ONE (8/28/10)

Dummy Deborah Frisch has lots of STOOPID habits. Here are two
of them:

1) Dimwit Debbie LIES when the truth is obvious: In today's blog,
Debbie makes two obviously FALSE claims. It's easy for anyone
with functional frontal lobes to read between Frisch's lying lines:

  • "Mr. [redact]...commit[ted] the crime of ORS 162.375, which Deputy [X] kindly (and deviously?) reported to me.
TRANSLATION: Deputy X told twice-convicted criminal Debbie Frisch to STOP MAKING HARASSING PHONE CALLS!

  • "LCSO Deputy Y is the one who suggested that [Redact] had engaged in menacing"
TRANSLATION: LCSO Deputy Y told Deb "on probation until 2012 for assault and harassment" Frisch that IF SHE MAKES ONE MORE HARASSING PHONE CALL, SHE WILL BE ARRESTED.

2) Impotent Debbie Frisch makes laughably TRANSPARENT bluffs: Debbie thinks that NO ONE KNOWS that the police won't act UNLESS DEBBIE MAKES A SWORN STATEMENT that she NEVER placed any harassing phone calls to [Redact].

But as everyone knows, Debbie is too COWARDLY to make a sworn statement to teh cops.

So the answer to this transparent bluff--just like the answer to incompetent Debbie's TOOTHLESS TORT CLAIMS NOTICES--is a simple four words:


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Washington County cops take complaint on Deb Frisch

Police in Washington County, Oregon have taken a harassment complaint
on Dummy Deb Frisch. (The number of teh complaint is 10-513074, and
seems to have triggered the Lane County police visit that convicted
criminal Deb Frisch received on August 19th

Of course, this leads Dimwit Debbie to impotently post crap on her blog...

lol, Deborah Frisch gets heckled, throws tantrum (8/26/10)

Unless it's a forgery, it looks like someone (or more than one?) have turned
teh tables on Deb Frisch by sending her a heckling text message. Again.

Rather amusing that Frisch, who's has no problems with making threatening
phone calls, is suddenly outraged when she's "heckled," herself.

Then again, Deb Frisch is a typical bully: she can dish it out (from the
safety of a phone or computer), but she sure can't take it!

Deb Frisch gets warned by cops, has tantrum on blog (8/25/10)

No surprise here: just days after Lane County police officers visited Dummy Deborah Frisch
about her harassment of innocent people
, Dimwit Deb has an impotent tantrum on her blog, making vile and libelous remarks about police officers, who held Debbie responsible for her
illegal actions, in Washington County and Lane County.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cops AGAIN record harassment by Deb Frisch

Even after two criminal convictions and several police visits, Dummy Deborah Frisch
STILL wants to soil the carpet like a toddler. Here's teh latest harassment complaint,
recorded by teh Lane County Sheriff, against DimDeb:

Two other recent criminal complains about Debbie Frisch can be found here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Deb Frisch harasses the former tenants she scammed (8/19/10)

Ever since word leaked that Deborah Frisch was committing FRAUD by subletting
property she doesn't own
, Dummy Debbie has been enraged. In this blog, Debbie
is warned that, if she doesn't STFU s'il vous plait, she will soon see the inside
of a jail cell.

Deb Frisch impotently threatens toothless lawsuit

By now, we all know how empty Debbie's lawsuit threats are--and that
Debbie is too STOOPID to realize that everyone knows she's bluffing.
So you gotta chuckle at this impotent blog-post, wherein Dummy Deb
Frisch threatens to sue some site called "wakeruper.com" (Oh, and that
number is, indeed, Dummy Debbie's cell phone number.)

Deb Frisch continues campaign of harassment (8/20/10)

Despite two criminal convictions for stalking, harassment, and assault, Dummy Deb
Frisch still doesn't seem to learn... In this blog post, Dimwit Debbie is told to STFU
...or face MOAR criminal charges.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deb Frisch: Pot Calls Kettle Black (8/19/10)

LOL, looks like someone found out Debbie's cell phone number

Looks like someone sent Debbie a text message.

Debbie calls the mild message "harassment."

We prefer a different word: KARMA.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, looks like teh rumors were true: on Friday teh 13th, Dummy Deb Frisch SURRENDERED her farking frivolous lawsuit.

It only took Dummy Deb Frisch 15 MONTHS to realize what EVERYONE knew all along: that Deborah Frisch's STOOPID lawsuit didn't have a single grain of merit.

HERE IS TEH INSTRUMENT OF SURRENDER, signed on Friday and filed in teh Court on Monday:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Deb Frisch, rejected by Yale, lashes out at faculty (8/16/10)

At first, you might wonder what prompted today's swipe at a gainfully employed faculty member. Could it be that Debbie, jobless for 4 YEARS, envies anyone with a job? Or could it
be that Deb Frisch was REJECTED by Yale when she applied for grad school there? (This would also explain Debbie's irrational rage at Harvard and Princeton...)

Deborah Frisch libels lawyer of prison suicide (8/15/10)

My, my how BITTER Dummy Deb Frisch is toward lawyers.

No surprise there, actually. Debbie is just enraged at how
lawyers have consistently made her look like the total
farking MORON she is. Lawyer have:
  • Ensured Debbie would remain unemployable--4 years and running!--by prosecuting her for her crimes of assault, harassment, and stalking.

So all dummy Deb Frisch can do now is soil the carpet like a toddler. In
today's blog, Deborah Frisch reveals how she made a harassing phone
call to a Boston lawyer whose client killed himself in prison--in the call,
Frisch reveals that she has libeled that lawyer on her McBlog.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deb Frisch, fearing arrest, sends vulgar email to EPD

Less than an hour after news surfaced that Dimbulb Deborah Frisch committed FRAUD by renting out rooms in a house she DOES NOT OWN (86574 North Modesto Drive, Eugene, OR 97402), teh Eugene Police Department surfed Teh Deb's McBlog. According to sitemeter records, teh Cops accessed nearly 40 pages of Debbie's muck in a span of 20 minutes.

This, no doubt, left Dummy Deb Frisch scared shitless--as evidenced in teh desperate threat she hurled by email to representatives of the Eugene Police Department.

(DumDeb alleged "misconduct" in surfing her blog--but, as one commenter quickly pointed out, "it's not 'misconduct'...since the Eugene Police are investigating complaints against you for fraud, harassment, and stalking.")

It's worth noting that Idiot Debbie used a sockpuppet email account [coyotemind@gmail.com] in sending her vile rant, based on teh moronic assumption that teh City of Eugene hasn't blocked teh account. (DumDeb's usual account for email harassment [dfrisch@pobox.com] was blocked by teh Oregon Federal Courts earlier this year; teh City of Eugene and Lane County instituted a STFU Deb Frisch block in February 2008. No doubt, coyotemind@gmail.com has also been blocked--but little things like FACTS never seem to impact incompetent Deborah Frisch's impotent tantrums.)

Dummy Deb took down teh blog-post shortly afterward. But, as this website always shows, TEH INTERNETS ARE FOREVER, DEBBIE!

Deborah Frisch impersonates a police officer (8/13/10)

As if it weren't enough for Deb Frisch to open herself up to charges of FRAUD by SUBLETTING A HOUSE SHE DOESN'T OWN, now Dimwit Deborah Frisch is doubling-down on her stoopidity by impersonating a Eugene Police Officer.

In this blog, Miss Debbie pretends to relate the words of a Eugene Police Officer ("Pete [REDACT]").

Of course, teh fact is, Eugene Police Officers will have nothing to do with Debbie Frisch--except, of course, for that night in November 2008, when a hideously drunken Deb Frisch tried to drive her car in downtown Eugene.

Debbie soon realized she was opening herself up to a visit from the cops, so she quickly tried to "hide teh evidence" by taking down the blog post.

But not quickly enough; as usual, teh evidence was screen-capped. Dummy Deb Frisch still has yet to realize...TEH INTERNETS ARE FOREVER!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Deborah Frisch rantings = content-free (5/11/10)

Back when Debbie had her manic shit-fit last May--a string of vile and vulgar behavior which got Deb Frisch's bloated ass banned from Oregon Federal Courthouses--she made the ranting-rounds of various public meetings in Eugene. (Deb Frisch's idiocy before the Eugene Budget Committee were caught on tape, lol.)

Miss Debbie also soiled the carpet at the May 11th meeting of the Eugene Civilian Review Board. The meeting-minutes make the obvious point: Deborah Frisch's boozy rantings are 100% CONTENT-FREE!

Deb Frisch posts stalking photo of EPD officer (8/11/10)

The Eugene Police Department is poised to pwn dummy Deb Frisch's frivolous lawsuit. Small wonder, then, that Miss Debbie would re-post this little gem--a photo she snapped of a Eugene Police Officer while she was stalking him at a restaurant. Small wonder, too, that Deborah Frisch has two criminal convictions for stalking and harassment.

(Miss Debbie tried to take down her stalking blog post, shortly after putting it up--as usual, Dummy Deb Frisch has failed to learn that TEH INTERETS ARE FOREVER, DEBBIE!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Moar racist dreck from Deb Frisch on Facebook (8/8/10)

Debbie seems to be green with envy whenever someone from
Harvard succeeds--probably because Dum-Dum Deborah Frisch
was rejected by Harvard, y'think? ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Deb Frisch BEGS FOR MERCY, part deux! (8/3/10)

Now Debbie Frisch's lawsuit has been targeted for dismissal, and is DAYS from
being finally pwned by a federal judge, Deborah Frisch is now BEGGING to
settle the case
. Tale of teh terms:

Amount Debbie Will be awarded....$0
Amount Debbie Already owes in court sanctions...$75
Amount Debbie stands to pay, if court orders her to pay legal fees...$10,000+
Amount it's worth seeing bully Deb Frisch get her ass handed to her... PRICELESS!

Deborah Frisch BEGS FOR MERCY (7/12/10)

LOL, now that Dummy Debbie Frisch's lawsuit is about to be
destroyed once and for all, Debbie is BEGGING for mercy--
since it's finally penetrated her numb skull that her frivolous
lawsuit has put her on the hook for TENS OF THOUSANDS
OF DOLLARS in legal bills, to compensate the victims Deb
Frisch frivolously sued...

In this letter, a federal judge magistrate laughs off Debbie's
begging plea to oversee a "settlement conference."

DEBFRISCH.COM now links to Internet is Forever!

As revealed on August 2nd, Deborah Frisch's former harassment website,
debfrisch.com, is now under new management. The site is now devoted to
containing the cancer that is Debbie Frisch--and now features links to sites
documenting Frisch's four-year rampage of threats, harassment, arrests,
assault, and bullying. One of the links is to...

(drum roll, please...)


Teh YAY!

Fed Court SHUTS DOWN Deb Frisch ability to sue!!! (7/27/10)

As Debbie's frivolous lawsuit faced its final destruction, dum dum debbie frisch
started threatening to sue the judge and court staff overseeing Frisch's frivolous
lawsuit. (Debbie's harassment and threats of court staff have already gotten
Deborah Frisch BANNED from Oregon courthouses--as well as a visit from
the FBI

This led the judge to issue a "screening order"--which pretty much means dummy
Deb Frisch will NEVER be able to launch another frivolous lawsuit against anyone
ever again!


Deborah Frisch racist postings on Facebook (8/6/10 & 7/30/10)

Another day, another view of Deb Frisch's infantile mind...


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