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Monday, August 16, 2010

Deborah Frisch libels lawyer of prison suicide (8/15/10)

My, my how BITTER Dummy Deb Frisch is toward lawyers.

No surprise there, actually. Debbie is just enraged at how
lawyers have consistently made her look like the total
farking MORON she is. Lawyer have:
  • Ensured Debbie would remain unemployable--4 years and running!--by prosecuting her for her crimes of assault, harassment, and stalking.

So all dummy Deb Frisch can do now is soil the carpet like a toddler. In
today's blog, Deborah Frisch reveals how she made a harassing phone
call to a Boston lawyer whose client killed himself in prison--in the call,
Frisch reveals that she has libeled that lawyer on her McBlog.

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