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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Deb Frisch LIES, but convinces NO ONE (8/28/10)

Dummy Deborah Frisch has lots of STOOPID habits. Here are two
of them:

1) Dimwit Debbie LIES when the truth is obvious: In today's blog,
Debbie makes two obviously FALSE claims. It's easy for anyone
with functional frontal lobes to read between Frisch's lying lines:

  • "Mr. [redact]...commit[ted] the crime of ORS 162.375, which Deputy [X] kindly (and deviously?) reported to me.
TRANSLATION: Deputy X told twice-convicted criminal Debbie Frisch to STOP MAKING HARASSING PHONE CALLS!

  • "LCSO Deputy Y is the one who suggested that [Redact] had engaged in menacing"
TRANSLATION: LCSO Deputy Y told Deb "on probation until 2012 for assault and harassment" Frisch that IF SHE MAKES ONE MORE HARASSING PHONE CALL, SHE WILL BE ARRESTED.

2) Impotent Debbie Frisch makes laughably TRANSPARENT bluffs: Debbie thinks that NO ONE KNOWS that the police won't act UNLESS DEBBIE MAKES A SWORN STATEMENT that she NEVER placed any harassing phone calls to [Redact].

But as everyone knows, Debbie is too COWARDLY to make a sworn statement to teh cops.

So the answer to this transparent bluff--just like the answer to incompetent Debbie's TOOTHLESS TORT CLAIMS NOTICES--is a simple four words:


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