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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, looks like teh rumors were true: on Friday teh 13th, Dummy Deb Frisch SURRENDERED her farking frivolous lawsuit.

It only took Dummy Deb Frisch 15 MONTHS to realize what EVERYONE knew all along: that Deborah Frisch's STOOPID lawsuit didn't have a single grain of merit.

HERE IS TEH INSTRUMENT OF SURRENDER, signed on Friday and filed in teh Court on Monday:

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  1. Two problems:

    1) She's not "legally competent" in any sense of the phrase; and,

    2) She's never followed through on "accept[ing] full responsibility" for anything.

    Other than that, a clear victory for Eugene et al.

    Being both a Lane County and a Eugene taxpayer (I own business and investment real estate in both), I'm somewhat PO'd that she gets away without paying the bill for a frivolous lawsuit.

    OTOH, her unfettered access to the courts is gone, never to return, so that's a goodness.



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