A blog devoted to reminding Deb Frisch that, even if she takes down her libelous and harassing posts, the evidence has been screencapped...and forwarded to appropriate authorities...[dfrisch@pobox.com dfrisch@nsf.gov or dfrisch@oregon.uoregon.edu]

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Federal Court blocks Deb Frisch email [coyotemind@gmail.com] (9/20/10)

Court order issued one day before dimwit Deborah Frisch was arrested
for violating her probation

In teh order, Dummy Deb is warned that her continued sending of vulgar
emails to federal court staff could quickly lead to "contempt of court proceedings"

Let's hope so!

Deb Frisch harasses would-be fraud victim (9/30/10)

Looks like Little Miss Debbie is still trying to rent that property
she doesn't own
at 86574 North Modesto Drive, Eugene OR,
using her sockpuppet email address [coyotemind@gmail.com]

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cops Investigate More Harassment by Deb Frisch (9/27/10)

No surprise here...the police seem to be getting more forceful with Oregon
Criminal 1675174 (aka Deborah Frisch)...We can just file Monday's visit
in teh file containing:

One can only hope that teh judge next Tuesday has a copy of teh same file...

Debbie's continuing harassment of innocent people will DEFINITELY help
teh court deliberate on teh appropriate punishment at Miss Frisch's
probation-violation hearing on October 5th...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deb Frisch files incompetent motion with 9th Circuit Court

Well, this impotent, incompetent piece of crap speaks for itself.

Little Miss Debbie electronically filed this moronic motion with teh 9th
Circuit Court of Appeals today...

Of course, since teh 9th Circuit Court has already said that Debbie
Frisch's frivolous lawsuit is a "closed case,"
dummy Debbie can look
forward to teh court laughing off her toothless attempt to get hold
of a tape containing Debbie's vile, vulgar and threatening tantrum
after Debbie was duly arrested and carted to jail for violating teh
terms of her probation...

Of course, even a blind pig can find an acorn now and again--and so
there IS one truthful sentence in Debbie's blathering rant:

"once October 5 arrives, it’s all over"

YOU BET, Debbie!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Deborah Ellen Frisch Sex-Stalks Her Presiding Judge (9/24/10)

Oregon Criminal 1675174, aka Deborah Frisch, doesn't seem to care how long teh judge throws her in jail for Frisch's repeated violations of her probation. In a blog posted yesterdy, dimwit Debbie hurls racist and sexual insults at the judge who will preside over Debbie's probation violation hearing on October 5th.

Showing her usual stupidity, Debbie Frisch doesn't realize that teh court will certainly get teh last laugh on criminal Deb Frisch.

Dummy Deb tried to take down this post right after posting it...again
showing that Deborah Frisch is too moronic to realize that TEH INTERNET IS FOREVER DEBBIE!!

Deborah Frisch Craigslist Fraud (9/23/10)

As first reported last month, dummy Deb Frisch (aka Oregon Criminal 1675174)
continues to commit FRAUD by subletting a house which she DOESN'T OWN.

A CL sublet ad from Thursday (see screencap below) shows that convicted criminal
Deborah Frisch is trying to SUBLET the pig-sty she lives in (which, as Lane County
police records reveal [when they arrested Deborah Ellen Frisch on a probation violation
Tuesday] is located at 86574 North Modesto Drive, Eugene, OR 97402).

While Miss Debbie refers to 86574 North Modesto as "her property," teh fact
is that she DIDN'T list it on her "assets list" when she applied to file in court
in forma pauperis, as this record shows:

Two MOAR bits of evidence:

So, just to sum up:

(1) Deborah Frisch doesn't own teh 86574 North Modesto pig-sty

(2) Deborah Frisch PRETENDS to own teh 86574 North Modesto pig-sty, and scams money from innocent subletters

(3) When victim-subletters catch on to Debbie's scam and criminal background, Frisch harasses those subletters.

Hmmm...smells a lot like FRAUD, don't it?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pedophile Deb Frisch = "Blaise Pascal" on Facebook

WARNING: Deb Frisch (aka Deborah Frisch aka Deborah Ellen Frisch aka Debbie Frisch)
has opened a sockpuppet account on Facebook, under the name "Blaise Pascal" [screencap
of Deb Frisch's sockpuppet facebook below]


Frisch's sockpuppet facebook account is tied to her sockpuppet email account,

Frisch has criminal convictions for assault, stalking, harassment and threatening. Deb Frisch lost her job in 2006 after making threatening and sexual remarks toward a child on the internet.

She's on probation until 2012 for assaulting a female who rejected Frisch's sexual advances. Most
recently, Frisch was arrested on Sept. 21 for violating her probation after assaulting one of her previous victims.

If Frisch sends you threatening messages, call the Lane County Sheriff's Office (541-682-4150) and/or the Lane County Victims Services Department (541) 682-4523). They're both VERY well acquainted with Frisch's criminal record. Reference Frisch's Oregon Criminal ID number (1675174)

For more on Frisch's criminal history, see this link:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Federal Court REJECTS Deb Frisch frivolous filing (9/22/10)

Looks like Dummy Deb Frisch struck out on her frivolous motion;
teh Federal Court rejected it within hours after she filed it, lol.

Cops Laughed at Deb Frisch's tantrum during arrest (9/23/10)

Very hard to read this without laughing at Debbie Frisch... In short, Debbie unloaded
vileness, vulgarity, and threats on the police who arrested Oregon Criminal 1675174...

And, seeing weakling Debbie's threats for the hot air they were, police repeatedly laughed at Debbie's childish behavior.

Of course, Dimwit Debbie sends one of her impotent, toothless TORT CLAIMS NOTICES
to the good arresting officers (for the full explanation of why Debbie's legal threat is toothless, see this link).

Deb Frisch libels her first stalking victim (9/23/10)

Hoo boy! Looks like Miss Debbie is spewing like a 2-year-old geyser today...

In this post, Miss Debbie libels her very first victim; Oregon Criminal 1675174
(aka Deborah Ellen Frisch) was arrested for harassing the victim, and received
a year's probation for teh crime, in 2006

Deb Frisch libels prosecutor who signed arrest warrant (9/23/10)

Jobless Debbie must be bored living a life of freedom--since, in this blog,
she libels a Lane County prosecutor who is holding Debbie accountable for
Deb Frisch's probation-violating criminal behavior

(In fact, the picture Debbie posts was part of teh evidence which led to
Oregon Criminal 1675174 [aka Deborah Ellen Frisch] getting banned from
all Federal Courthouses in Oregon
. Of course, given Debbie's stupidity, teh
irony was lost on her...)

Cops Catch Deb Frisch Threats on Audio (9/21/10)

Looks like dimwit Deborah Frisch didn't exercise her right to remain
silent when she was arrested for violating her probation two days ago...

That audiotape of Frisch's threats and violence should make for good
listening when it comes time for the judge to mete out Debbie's discipline...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Probation Terms for Deborah Frisch (3/12/09)

Well, now that Oregon Criminal 1675174 Deborah Frisch has been arrested for violating
her probation
, it might be funny to see what teh exact terms of Debbie Frisch's
March 2009 sentencing were [blue box, below]...

Tsk-tsk, Debbie...from teh court record, below, it looks like criminal Deb Frisch
has violated QUITE A FEW of teh terms of her 3 year probation terms:

Deborah Frisch Spews Impotent Rage on Rival Blog (9/22/10)

Little Miss Debbie doesn't like it when people laugh
when her stupidity leads to consequences--like Debbie's
arrest on September 21st for violating her probation

Springfield Oregon Police Department Arrest Deb Frisch (9/22/10)

Dummy Deb Frisch files toothless legal papers in Fed Court (9/22/10)


Well, looks like Debbie's 5-hour arrest-and-jailing experience wasn't
QUITE enough to get her to STFU. Bright and early this ay-em, dimwit
Debbie Frisch electronically filed this incompetent filing with teh Oregon
Federal Courts this morning...

Bottom Line: Teh lawsuit 09-cv-6126-tc is the lawsuit that was squashed
by federal courts earlier this year:
Oh, and teh 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? They told her, in no uncertain terms,
to STFU earlier this month.

Debbie, meet Shit's Creek. No, you cannot haz paddle.

Deb Frisch vents impotent rage against arresting officer (9/22/10)

Debbie might just have some 'splaining to do to the judge--
not only about her probation violations...but also her vile
and vulgar postings like this one...

After Arrest, Deborah Frisch threatens impotent court filing (9/22/10)


Well, looks like Debbie's 5-hour arrest-and-jailing experience wasn't
QUITE enough to get her to STFU. Bright and early this ay-em, dimwit
Debbie Frisch posted this laughably incompetent bit of paperwork on
her blog.

Bottom Line: Teh lawsuit 09-cv-6126-tc is the lawsuit that was squashed
by federal courts earlier this year:
Oh, and teh 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? They told her, in no uncertain terms,
to STFU earlier this month.

Text of Debbie's impotent threatened filing:






CITY OF EUGENE, a municipal corporation,


Plaintiff files this motion to compel counsel for defendant Robert Weaver and city of
Springfield ([REDACT]) and counsel for defendant Lane County ([REDACT]) to make arrangements to:
a. depose the plaintiff pursuant to the criminal trespass, menacing and kidnapping by defendant Springfield Police Department Detective [REDACT] and two currently unidentified associates ([REDACT], who is new to Lane County and a guy who looks like the offspring of Ass LCDA [REDACT] and Adolph Hitler) at approximately 11:00 a.m. on September 21, 2010.
b. photograph the plaintiff to document any physical injuries sustained during the assault in the sally port of the lane county jail (see also, Vandegraaf vs. Vreim, Sharlow and city of Eugene 08-cv-06314-HO) by a female who looks like a brunette Tonya Harding and and a male that looks like the offspring of a pit bull and a sebaceous cyst.
Plaintiff further requests that Mr. [REDACT] provide plaintiff with a copy of the audiotape made by Mr. [REDACT] in the Jeep during the kidnapping and that Mr. [REDACT] provide plaintiff with a copy of the videotapes made by Lane County Sheriff’s Office staff during a subset of the illegal incarceration at the jail (the camera did not capture the assault and menacing by Tonya and the cyst.)
Plaintiff requests that the court waive the requirement to separate this into separate motion and memorandum. Ditto for USDC-OR Loco Rule whatever mandating “communication” with the wretch from [REDACT]. Plaintiff further requests that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals be notified of this motion to compel a deposition and indeed, plaintiff fears that this motion ought to have been filed in that jurisdiction, not this one. However, plaintiff is still experiencing intense trauma from the criminal trespassing, menacing and kidnapping by defendant [REDACT] on behalf of defendant [REDACT] and the Vandergraaf-esque assault by Tonya and the cyst and respectfully requests that Mr. Bruch take action to alert the Cowshtupper [REDACT] of this emergency request.
Dated this 22nd day of September, 2010.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Deborah Frisch harasses Washington Cty court staff (9/20/10)

In this blog, dimwit Deborah Ellen Frisch reveals that she made a racist
and harassing telephone call to the Washington County, Oregon, courthouse.

No surprise...this is just a repeat of the vile behavior that got Debbie
Frisch BANNED from all federal courthouses in Oregon this past spring--as
well as an FBI visit for threatening a federal judge (in January).

Deb Frisch: "I love to suck cock" (9/20/10)

Looks like Little Miss Debbie "I lost my job when I made sexual remarks about
a 2-year-old on the internet"
Frisch is fantasizing about oral sex...

Violent Criminal Deb Frisch (coyotemind@gmail.com) trolls Eugene Craigslist for sex

Since Deborah Frisch has been unemployed for over FOUR YEARS (after losing her job for threatening a child over the internet), she's been pretty ronery...

So it should come as no surprise that sickening pervert Deborah Frisch would be trolling Craigslist for sex...

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Deborah Frisch, who emails using the addresses dfrisch@pobox.com and coyotemind@gmail.com has criminal convictions for assault, stalking, harassment and threatening. Here are links to information about:

She's on probation until 2012 for assaulting a female who rejected Frisch's
sexual advances.

If Frisch gets threatening, call the Lane County Sheriff's Office (541-682-4150) and/or
the Lane County Victims Services Department (541) 682-4523). They're both VERY
well acquainted with Deb Frisch's criminal record. Reference Frisch's Oregon Criminal
ID number (1675174)

For more on Frisch's sick history, see this link

Deb Frisch posts racist and vile sexual blogs (9/19/10)

Dimwit Debbie Frisch vented her vile rage over teh weekend,
reacting like an incontinent 2-year-old when she was thrown out
of Elmira High School Saturday. (Deborah Frisch tried to trespass
at a school sports function; the school
, knowing Frisch's history of
pedophilia, drunkenness and assault, wisely told her to GTFO--just like two barroom dance bouncers did in April and this month, just as the University of Oregon-Eugene did in 2008, and just as the Federal Courts in Oregon did earlier this year.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deb Frisch trespasses at Elmira High School, gets BANNED (9/18/10)

File this one under DEBORAH FRISCH STUPIDITY. Dummy Deb Frisch,
deciding to escalate her stalking harassing and threatening behavior, chose
to trespass at Elmira High School on Saturday. (Hilariously, alert security
personnel recognized Debbie and told her to get teh phuque out, s'il vous

This, of course, is not Dummy Debbie's first bout of trespass. Frisch was
blocked from entering barroom dances in April and this month; she was
also banned from the University of Oregon Eugene campus for drunken,
harassing behavior in 2008.

Not smart behavior for someone on probation (as Deb is until 2012) who
wishes to remain out of jail...

Deborah Frisch threatens to libel district attorney's sister (9/19/10)

Deborah Frisch (aka Oregon Criminal number 1675174) still hasn't
quite learned to take responsibility for her actions... Witness today's
blog, where Dummy Debbie threatens to libel the sister of the Lane
County District Attorney who held moron Deb Frisch responsible
for her criminal actions. (Frisch is on probation until 2012, due to
her assault, harassment, threatening and stalking of an innocent

Debbie Frisch also demonstrates her boundless stupidity with such
a threat. Debbie's latest crimes of harassment, stalking and threatening,
(as well as Deb Frisch's fraud) could easily give the Lane County District
Attorney ALL the ammunition he needs to have Debbie tossed into jail
for quite some time...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deb Frisch hurls racist slur at judge who signed TRO to protect victim (9/11/10)

Of course, Deborah Frisch's racism is well-known to anyone
who knows her. (During Frisch's violent outburst at a barroom
dance last week, Frisch hurled around teh N-word dozens of times,
say witnesses...
) So no surprise that Dimwit Debbie would hurl
the epithet "wetback" at the judge who held Frisch responsible
for her criminal actions by ordering her to STFU and leave her
victim(s) alone.

Deborah Frisch sends vile threatening email to police officer investigating her crimes (9/11/10)

Just after receiving a restraining order telling Dummy Deb Frisch to
, Debbie...well, gets herself in MORE criminal trouble...

In this blog, Oregon Criminal #1675174 sends a vulgar, threatening
email to a police officer investigating Frisch's stalking, harassment,
and threatening criminal behavior

As is par for teh course for Teh Deb, her vulgar email was sent
just DAYS after being warned by Lane County police to cease and
desist her threatening behavior

Nope, looks like little miss debbie never learns...

Deborah Frisch Blubbers After Being Hit With Restraining Order (9/12/10)

In this blog, Debbie continues her impotent rage at a police officer who
held Frisch responsible for her criminal stalking, harassment, and threatening
of an innocent victim.

Coward that she is, DumDum Debbie took down the blogpost minutes after
posting it; moron that she is, DumDum Debbie doesn't realize that TEH


Well, put stoopid Deborah Frisch in a hole, and she'll keep digging...

Last night, Little Miss Debbie was served with a RESTRAINING ORDER,
pretty much ordering Debbie to STFU s'il vous plait. Here is an
excerpt from teh application, detailing (Oregon Criminal 1675174)
Deborah Ellen Frisch's repeated criminal record of stalking, harassment,

Ms. Frish sent 40+ obscene, libelous, and threatening emails to my email accounts, kyays@hayshaus.com and kylehays@hayshaus.com. [Debbie Frisch used her sockpuppet account at coyotemind@gmail.com to do so...] She has also been posting on her blog, hecklingaloud.blogspot.com about her attempts to identify/locate my wife, mother, and children.

She has demonstrated an increasingly violent trend in her behavior since 2006, including convictions for telephonic harassment and illegal use of pepper spray.

She has also told people she has a gun, in violation of her bench probation.

She is making false claims that I am harassing her. Lane County Sheriffs Office has investigated, and cleared me [and repeatedly visited Debbie, ordering her to STFU...or else face more criminal charges...]

She was told September 8th to stop, but continues to send emails as late as this morning.

Her total disconnect from reality - she had a court ordered mental evaluation as part of the sanctioning for her last crime.

Dummy Debbie, of course, decided this was time to start making
death threats against her victim.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Deborah Frisch sends harassing email to cop (9/10/10)

As Debbie Frisch's anger and anxiety over teh criminal probe into her
criminal behavior revs up, Miss Debbie tries to halt teh criminal probe
with...a threatening email to a Washington County cop.


Thursday, September 9, 2010


In today's blog, Deborah Frisch sockpuppets a sexual comment about
the Springfield, Oregon cop investigating Deb Frisch's criminal behavior.

No, Debbie's not too smart.


Well, Dummy Debbie's been warned and warned and WARNED.

Now the Washington Oregon cops want to have a word with her...

Bookies are taking odds on how long Debbie stews in a jail cell before
totally wigging out!




Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook boots Deb Frisch for threats/harassment (9/8/10)

Dummy Deborah Frisch has a habit of shitting where she eats.
Small wonder, then, that Debbie

So, it was just a matter of time before Debbie Frisch's harassment habits got her booted from Facebook.


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