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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deb Frisch trespasses at Elmira High School, gets BANNED (9/18/10)

File this one under DEBORAH FRISCH STUPIDITY. Dummy Deb Frisch,
deciding to escalate her stalking harassing and threatening behavior, chose
to trespass at Elmira High School on Saturday. (Hilariously, alert security
personnel recognized Debbie and told her to get teh phuque out, s'il vous

This, of course, is not Dummy Debbie's first bout of trespass. Frisch was
blocked from entering barroom dances in April and this month; she was
also banned from the University of Oregon Eugene campus for drunken,
harassing behavior in 2008.

Not smart behavior for someone on probation (as Deb is until 2012) who
wishes to remain out of jail...

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