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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Deborah Ellen Frisch Sex-Stalks Her Presiding Judge (9/24/10)

Oregon Criminal 1675174, aka Deborah Frisch, doesn't seem to care how long teh judge throws her in jail for Frisch's repeated violations of her probation. In a blog posted yesterdy, dimwit Debbie hurls racist and sexual insults at the judge who will preside over Debbie's probation violation hearing on October 5th.

Showing her usual stupidity, Debbie Frisch doesn't realize that teh court will certainly get teh last laugh on criminal Deb Frisch.

Dummy Deb tried to take down this post right after posting it...again
showing that Deborah Frisch is too moronic to realize that TEH INTERNET IS FOREVER DEBBIE!!

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