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Monday, September 20, 2010

Violent Criminal Deb Frisch (coyotemind@gmail.com) trolls Eugene Craigslist for sex

Since Deborah Frisch has been unemployed for over FOUR YEARS (after losing her job for threatening a child over the internet), she's been pretty ronery...

So it should come as no surprise that sickening pervert Deborah Frisch would be trolling Craigslist for sex...

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Deborah Frisch, who emails using the addresses dfrisch@pobox.com and coyotemind@gmail.com has criminal convictions for assault, stalking, harassment and threatening. Here are links to information about:

She's on probation until 2012 for assaulting a female who rejected Frisch's
sexual advances.

If Frisch gets threatening, call the Lane County Sheriff's Office (541-682-4150) and/or
the Lane County Victims Services Department (541) 682-4523). They're both VERY
well acquainted with Deb Frisch's criminal record. Reference Frisch's Oregon Criminal
ID number (1675174)

For more on Frisch's sick history, see this link

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