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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deborah Frisch threatens to libel district attorney's sister (9/19/10)

Deborah Frisch (aka Oregon Criminal number 1675174) still hasn't
quite learned to take responsibility for her actions... Witness today's
blog, where Dummy Debbie threatens to libel the sister of the Lane
County District Attorney who held moron Deb Frisch responsible
for her criminal actions. (Frisch is on probation until 2012, due to
her assault, harassment, threatening and stalking of an innocent

Debbie Frisch also demonstrates her boundless stupidity with such
a threat. Debbie's latest crimes of harassment, stalking and threatening,
(as well as Deb Frisch's fraud) could easily give the Lane County District
Attorney ALL the ammunition he needs to have Debbie tossed into jail
for quite some time...

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