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Friday, September 3, 2010

Deb Frisch Harassment Frenzy (9/2/10)

After dummy Deborah Frisch's lawsuit received its FINAL beatdown on
Wednesday, seasoned Frisch-watchers expected a blow up.

No surprise, then, when convicted criminal Debbie Frisch (Oregon Criminal
number 1675174) unleashed an ALL-DAY frenzy of telephonic, email
(via Deb Frisch's sockpuppet account coyotemind@gmail.com), and blog
stalking, libel and harassment.

Here are a few screencaps of Frisch's batshit crayzee tantrum:

(1) Deb Frisch, paranoid that Eugene Police are monitoring her criminal
online activities, (tries to) send a harassing email to various City of Eugene
authorities. (Unbeknownst to Debbie, teh City of Eugene blocked her sockpuppet
addy, coyotemind@gmail.org, several MONTHS ago, lol):

(2) Deborah Frisch posts photos, culled from Frisch's Facebook stalking, of perceived enemies:

(3) Deb Frisch tries to harass a former business partner of her paranoia-laden
perceived enemies:

(4) Deborah Frisch drops a vile and vulgar comment on a perceived enemy's webpage

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