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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sexually Frustrated Deb Frisch trolls Facebook for sex

inanimate objects. So no surprise that Little Miss Debbie
dropped this perverted doozie on Facebook yesterday...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deb Frisch posts death-fantasies on Facebook

Reminiscent of the postings that cost Debbie Frisch her job
in 2006--and proof that Deborah Frisch will. never. learn.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Deb Frisch Spews Libel, Vulgarity, Sickness on Facebook

Well, Debbie's dumping moar spew on Facebook nowadays...
(for previous installments, see here, here, and here)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Federal Judge tells Deb Frisch to SHUT UP, blocks email

Well, well, well...looks like a federal magistrate, overseeing
Debbie Frisch's case, has proved that HE'S THE BOSS OF
DEB FRISCH. Yesterday, he joined the ranks of those
who have blocked Deborah Frisch's vulgar, disgusting,
brainless email messages... (A scan of teh judge's order,
blocking Frisch's limp-lobed attempt to harass court
workers, appears below)

Here's a partial list of others who have told Dum Deb
Frisch to STFU in teh last year (culled from teh Deb
Frisch Timeline).

October 2, 2009--Lane County orders Deb Frisch to cease-
and-desist calling any county office. Failure to abide by the
ban will prompt Frisch's arrest for telephonic harassment.

June 16-17, 2009--Diplaying manic and twitchy symptoms,
Deb Frisch disrupts 3 meetings of the Lane County Board of
Commissioners within 24 hours. (Deborah Frisch's first outburst.
Deb Frisch's second outburst.) Prior to her third attempt to
disrupt the meeting, Deb Frisch is warned that she risks
receiving a permanent ban from attending future meetings;
Deb Frisch responds with a vile temper-tantrum. Frisch had
previously been ousted from a meeting for violating the
Board's rules of conduct.

May 28-30, 2009--After sending obscene and harassing
email messages to a school and various local activists,
Deborah Frisch receives three cease-and-desist orders.

April 29, 2009--Deborah Frisch gets ejected from
a public meeting of the Lane County Board of Commissioners,
after slandering a board member. Frisch, fearing arrest
while she's on (3 years) probation, scurries away. (Video
footage here.)

So, will Miss Debbie get teh message that SOILING TEH
CARPET IS VERBOTEN? Nah...that would mean that
Dum Deb has teh intehlligence of a dog--a proposition which
has been roundly refuted over teh last 3 and a half years



Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Attorneys for Lane County have made public a 2008 police
report about Deborah Frisch's Nov 2 assault on an acquaintance.
The police report was filed as an exhibit for a defense motion,
last November 17th.

The Report corroborates earlier-known details of Frisch's actions
on Nov. 2 2008--criminal actions which led to Frisch's March 2009
conviction on charges of physical harassment and illegal use of pepper

But teh Police Report also reveals a couple of delicious further details
of Frisch's drunken and frenzied attack on her victim:

*When Frisch first encountered the victim (at teh John Henry Bar
and Grill),
Deborah Frisch drunkenly groped teh victim's
date's "buttocks.

*Police initially categorized Frisch's attack as "4th
Degree Assault"
--defined under Oregon Revised Statutes
163.160 a
s "intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing physical
injury to another person."

*In an attempt to terrorize and intimidate her victim, Deb Frisch
that she owned a Taser--and threatened to use teh
fictional Taser on
her victim.

Teh phrase "hoisted by her own petard" comes to mind--for,
had it not been for Frisch's frivolous lawsuit, the 2008 Police
Report would have never seen the light of day. But, well...here
it is! (Name of the victim is redacted)

Deb Frisch Stalks former Lane County DA's wife

It might be a New Year, but Dummy Deborah Frisch persists in
her age-old stoopidity. In today's blog, Miss Debbie continues her
stalker-libel of a former Lane County DA's spouse.

Frisch's obsessive ire is, no doubt, a result of the fact that the
Lane County DA's office has held Debbie responsible for her
criminal actions--getting Frisch put on probation (for stalking and
harassment) in 2006
and getting Frisch convicted for assaulting
an acquaintance, last year

(Deborah Frisch is still on probation for the assault, until 2012.)

Monday, January 4, 2010

FEDERAL JUDGE to "vulgar" Deborah Frisch: STFU!!

On November 30th, a Federal Judge ordered Deb Frisch
to cease and desist "communicat[ing]...with any of [the
judge's] staff about the merits of this case, or about any
matter unrelated to the case, by e-mail, typed or written
correspondence, by telephone, or in any fashion..."

In short, teh Judge told Debbie Frisch, in no uncertain
terms, to STFU, s'il vous plait!

The reason for this SMACKDOWN of Miss Debbie isn't
hard to guess--namely, her "vulgar and profane"
e-mails and phone calls to teh Federal Courthouse staff.

while waging her impotent LOLSUIT. Defendants' counsel
quickly smacked Debbie down, telling Frisch to STFU,
unless'n Miss Debbie wants to get arrested (yet again)
for harassment.

Here's teh FULL TEXT of teh hilarious spanking teh Federal
judge gave Dummy Debbie:

Deb Frisch gets SUED in Small Claims Court

Looks like Miss Debbie is getting sued in a Lane County Small Claims
Court. LULZ.

A public database shows that Teh Deb got SERVED on October 1st.

No huge surprise here--readers of this blog have long known about

A bit of ironic LULZ here, though--rather funneh to see Miss Debbie
on the receiving end of some lawsuit whoopazz...especially in light of


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