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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Attorneys for Lane County have made public a 2008 police
report about Deborah Frisch's Nov 2 assault on an acquaintance.
The police report was filed as an exhibit for a defense motion,
last November 17th.

The Report corroborates earlier-known details of Frisch's actions
on Nov. 2 2008--criminal actions which led to Frisch's March 2009
conviction on charges of physical harassment and illegal use of pepper

But teh Police Report also reveals a couple of delicious further details
of Frisch's drunken and frenzied attack on her victim:

*When Frisch first encountered the victim (at teh John Henry Bar
and Grill),
Deborah Frisch drunkenly groped teh victim's
date's "buttocks.

*Police initially categorized Frisch's attack as "4th
Degree Assault"
--defined under Oregon Revised Statutes
163.160 a
s "intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing physical
injury to another person."

*In an attempt to terrorize and intimidate her victim, Deb Frisch
that she owned a Taser--and threatened to use teh
fictional Taser on
her victim.

Teh phrase "hoisted by her own petard" comes to mind--for,
had it not been for Frisch's frivolous lawsuit, the 2008 Police
Report would have never seen the light of day. But, well...here
it is! (Name of the victim is redacted)

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