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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Deb Frisch threatens toothless lawsuit against court-ordered psychiatrist (4/30/2015)

LOL, another day, another toothless lawsuit threat by Oregon Criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch

BTW, we now have tape-recorded proof that Debbie's phone cawls are laced with threats, harassment and obscenities...

BTW #2: Maybe if Debbie doesn't want to be court-ordered to visit psychiatrists, she should avoid committing crimes...

Unfortunately for Debbie, there's this thing called "google," which quickly
reveals why her "tort claims notices are toothless"

  1. REAL Lawyers at AboveTheLaw.com mock Debbie's legal stoopidity
  2. There's a SCREENING ORDER which means that Debbie's paperwork will be reviewed (and promptly squashed) by a federal judge whenever she files it.
  3.  Deborah Frisch is BANNED from visiting teh federal court in person
  4.  Deb Frisch has had her electronic filing access YANKED by teh Federal Courts 
For MOAR on  Debbie's legal EPIC FAIL in trying to sue Eugene Oregon in 2009-2010... 

Debbie Frisch throws tantrum when her shrink is informed of Debbie's behavior (December 2012)

In typical dumbass Frisch fashion, Debbie accuses others of crimes for monitoring Frisch's criminal behavior (see: DARVO). The reason for criminal justice officials' concerns about Debbie in 2012 becomes clear once context is supplied. (Frisch was serving 5 years of probation at the time.)

November 13, 2012--Convicted violent criminal Deborah Frisch libels judges at a Eugene, OR Civilian Review Board meeting.
November 8, 2012--Convicted criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch complains about the "broken criminal justice system" at a Eugene Police Commission meeting.
November 6, 2012--Debbie Frisch spews bile at a Eugene Police Commission meeting.
September 17, 2012: Eugene (Sept 17)--An apparently beer-bloated Deborah Frisch spewed bile at a Eugene City Council public hearing Monday night. Teh eruption is Miss Debbie's first public appearance since eruptions at Eugene public meetings from April through June
September 13, 2012--A Eugene Police Commission member shares that "Deb Frisch apologized for her past behavior." That same day, Debbie Frisch spews bile at a meeting later in the afternoon.

Debbie Frisch stalks Lane County Defense Consortium attorney (4/30/2015)

Convicted criminal stalker Deborah Frisch posts the photo and bio of an attorney associated with the Lane County Defense Consortium (= public defenders), which made an enemy of Debbie (resulting in one of her toothless tort claims!) by having an attorney who refused to co-sign Frisch's bullshit (and later resigned Debbie's case).

(It probably didn't help that this poor esquire was also once a clerk for the judge now holding Debbie responsible for her criminal behavior.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

EWEB to Oregon Criminal Deborah Frisch: STFU...or else u get the cuffs (3/16/2015)

ANOTHER cease and desist order for Debbie Frisch? How many is that now...?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,...

Public Defender sick of Debbie Frisch's lies, asks to withdraw as counsel (29 april 2015)

Looks like dummy Deb Frisch thinks it's a good idea to act as her own lawyer...
We all know how THAT worked out last time, lol...
Not good to lie to your attorney, Debbie...

Deborah Frisch STILL filing false reports... 29 April 2015

Looks like Debbie hasn't learned from her first two arrests for filing false
reports with authorities...

Deb Frisch threatens toothless tort claims...again (4/29/2015)

LOL, Debbie doesn't know that EVERYONE knows her lawsuit-threats are TOOTHLESS 

Unfortunately for Debbie, there's this thing called "google," which quickly
reveals why her "tort claims notices are toothless"

For MOAR on  Debbie's legal EPIC FAIL in trying to sue Eugene Oregon in 2009-2010... 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Deborah Frisch blogging harassment/libel FRENZY (4/28/2015)

Hmmm...Debbie's on an online harassment FRENZY today...wonder if it has to do
with her criminal ass being ordered to a criminal court hearing tomorrow...

Today's batch includes:
  • an insult to the presiding judge
  • personal photos of law-enforcement and district-attorney's office members
  • home address/phone number of a prosecutor
  • notes of a frivolous complaint against a city notary public
  • whining about how police collected evidence against dummy Debbie during her February 19 2015 arrest
  • libel of a prosecutor, accusing him of child sexual crimes (when, in fact, everyone knows it's DEBBIE who was fired in 2006 and ARRESTED in 2011 for her sexual crimes against children)

LOL, tuff tawk from Dummy Debbie Frisch (4/28/2015)

LOL, not quite Debbie. As usual, Debbie's predictions of others' arrests will make
for HILARIOUS reading when Dummy Deb Frisch is back in her green prison
jumpsuit for another stint at Lane County Jail...

lol, Deborah Ellen Frisch begs for money...again (4/28/2015)

For the second time in two days, Debbie begs for money again on Facebook. Now what would she need $10 for...? (Hint: glug-glug)

PWNAGE IMMINENT? Debbie Frisch faces court hearing 4/29/2015

Looks like Debbie's stalking-and-harassment strategy might have backfired...in the
form of an imminent courtroom BEATDOWN...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Debbie Frisch impotently flails at authorities holding her accountable (27 April 2015)

No surprise here. Each time Deb Frisch has gotten in criminal trouble, she thinks threatening, stalking, libeling and harassing the authorities is a good move. Meanwhile, they're just laughing at Frisch's stoopidity. When it comes to criminal showdowns, Debbie's record is ZERO wins, NUMEROUS defeats...

Dummy Deb Frisch spins conspiracy theories... (26 April 2015)

Dummy Deb Frisch's criminal behavior has a long history and has been
overwhelmingly evidenced. Just whom she thinks she's fooling with her
bullshit (not even her own LAWYER buys Debbie's lies) is a real mystery...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Deb Frisch snapped at Wayne Morse Plaza (25 April 2015) PHOTOS

Deb Frisch at Wayne Morse Plaza. Happy people wisely ignore convicted criminal Debbie April 25, 2015

A coward in real-life, Debbie Frisch hides from law enforcement officers (right) at Wayne Morse Plaza April 25, 2015

LOL, Deb Frisch's lawyer calls out her bullshit (24 april 2015)

Hilariously, Debbie's own LAWYER is now calling out Debbie's bullshit...

Deb Frisch libels her stalking victims (24 april 2015)

As Debbie faces imminent butthurt at her May 11th probation-violation hearing,
the dummy lashes out against the past victims who have held Debbie Frisch
accountable for her criminal behavior...

Deborah Frisch libels her stalking victims (24 april 2015)

Liar Debbie Frisch accuses victims of lying...

Funny how Debbie would accuse one of her stalking victims of lying--when it's
DEBBIE FRISCH that has the criminal convictions for filing false police reports....
AND pending cases on the same crimes!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Deb Frisch sends harassing email, toothless threats 4/23/2015

So debbie's sending harassing email to the reporter who described Deb Frisch's arrestsfor her criminal behavior? That'll help at Debbie's May 11th probation-violation hearing!

Unfortunately for Debbie, there's this thing called "google," which quickly
reveals why her "tort claims notices are toothless"

For MOAR on  Debbie's legal EPIC FAIL in trying to sue Eugene Oregon in 2009-2010...

Deb Frisch returns to stalking/harassment-habits 23 April 2015

Looks like Debbie wants MOAR jail time... Pretty sure that can be arranged,
no doubt sooner than Dummy Deb Frisch thinks!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Frisch's 16 days at Lane County Jail (18 April 2015)

After 16 days behind bars, Deborah Frisch has been released as per "Capacity
Based Release"

"See you again soon!" called the guards, as Deborah Frisch left the jail...

Friday, April 17, 2015

State readies for 28 May trial in State vs. Frisch

In the event Debbie Frisch doesn't reach a deal with prosecutors on
Monday the 11th, it looks like the State of Oregon has set aside some
time for trial on Thursday, May 28th...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Deb Frisch Arrested Again, Faces 13 April Probation Violation Hearing (4/4/2015)

Looks like Debbie hasn't learned who's da boss yet......

Eugene Register-Guard has details....




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