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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Deb Frisch vs. Debt Collectors (2009, 2013)

Not that we're surprised by these civil suits against deadbeat Debbie Frisch, but the 2009 case (700908546 Ray Klein Inc vs. Deborah E. Frisch) makes for some funny reading if you read between the lines... Debbie tried to CHALLENGE the award of $400.61 garnished from her Community Credit Union bank account. After Debbie's brilliant legal appeal, the award was reduced a WHOPPING 61 CENTS to 400 bucks even. :D 

Debbie was sued by a different debt collector in 2013. But Midland Funding LLC's case was dismissed without prejudice (for reasons unknown).

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Jeff Goldstein offers victim impact statement at Frisch sentencing (10/26/2018)

Statement by longtime Frisch victim Jeff Goldstein this morning:

Our stalker of 12 years, Deborah Frisch, was sentenced yesterday on two felony convictions. She received 4 years and 2 years, to be served concurrently in the Colorado Department of Corrections. She is guaranteed credit for time served. She'll likely serve half of that time in state prison. Upon her parole, she will then serve 3 years of mandatory probation. Whether she does so in Colorado or in another state will depend upon that other state's willingness to take her. She stated she wishes to return to Oregon to live, and that she is planning on writing a book. She also claimed to suffer from a personality disorder that cannot be treated with drugs, only with psychiatric ministrations. The judge denied defense counsel's request for probation, relocation to California, and mental health treatment.

Text of my sentencing statement in the case against Deb Frisch:
As I first did a year and a half ago at the initial sentencing hearing, I’ll note yet again that we’re not here today to decide on the guilt or innocence of Ms Frisch. She has pled guilty to a felony — and that plea comes in exchange for having other felony charges dropped, and the felonies she committed to secure those charges forgotten. Legally. But that nicety doesn’t change the fact of those crimes having been committed, nor my family’s position as victim of those crimes.
On numerous occasions, Ms Frisch has tried to trivialize the harm she’s wrought; she has huffed that she’s being persecuted for “Tweets,” and that her 1st Amendment rights protect her from the potential consequences of her 12+-year campaign of harassment, attempted extortion, and stalking. Like so much else Ms Frisch utters, however, such a claim is unvarnished rubbish. Again, I DON’T believe it to be among her rights to libel private citizens in writings that she hopes to be permanently archived by internet search engines; I DON’T believe it is within her rights to try to extort money from her victims in exchange for relief from her harassment and intimidation; I DON’T believe it is within her rights to track down personal information on the family members of her primary targets and to use that information to contact them, contact their employers, post that contact information to community message boards, rifle through their voter records, or use that information to submit baseless, scurrilous, and vulgar accusations to Child Protective Services, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, or the press.
I DON’T believe that posting pornographic stories about our children, who have never had any contact or dealings with Ms Frisch, are among her unalienable rights.
And yet this is what Ms Frisch has done — over and over and over again, whenever she’s been allowed even a moment’s time to act on her own agency. It is her unique and twisted stratagem. And, along with her vulgarity and distaste for children, it is what most consistently and accurately buoys her.
Over the 12-years since we’ve had the misfortune or finding ourselves in Ms Frisch’s orbit, there have been scores of other victims — some of them in court today. Still, not every one of her victims has taken the time, nor expended the effort, to prevent her from continuing her criminal behaviors. Many in fact have thought — incorrectly — that if they ignore her she will simply grow bored and leave them alone. Her multiple arrests, however, speak to the reality of who she is, and to the futility of such an approach: Ms Frisch will not and has never ceased her pattern of stalking, harassment, and intimidation, save for those times when she has been physically prevented from doing so through incarceration or strict supervision.
In closing, please allow me to say this — a reprise of what I first said to the court over a year ago: My wife and I do not believe for a moment that Ms Frisch will EVER stop what to her has become a way of life. Her unwarranted sense of her own superiority and rectitude, which she’s displayed more times than one to the Court in this case, practically compels her to harass, to terrorize, to threaten, to intimidate, to libel, and to extort. These are the behaviors that define her. And while I have sympathy for those who suffer from mental illness, I will point out the very obvious fact that most people who do suffer from, for instance, bipolarity, don’t fetishize mass shootings and child murders, nor do they engage in the constant and repulsive sexualization of children — with the further need to publish those fancies.
In the course of our dealings with Ms Frisch, we’ve seen her make several plea deals: she’s been granted probation and mental health treatment. Neither of these courses of action changed her behavior, nor will they, we don’t believe.
My own doctoral work, the years I spent at Johns Hopkins and Cornell and the University of Denver, have provided no special comforts for me or my family as Ms Frisch’s victims; similarly, my wife’s status as a Phi Beta Kappa and scholarship recipient, hasn’t prevented her and our children from being dehumanized for over a decade by Ms Frisch. It follows, therefore, that a 30-year-old dissertation from the University of Pennsylvania should not count as a mitigating factor in Ms Frisch’s sentencing, nor as a signal for gravitas she’s long since exchanged for vulgar doggerel and strained sexualized and racialized limericks.
At some point, if her victims are to get any sustained relief, Ms Frisch needs to be treated as an adult with free will, and punished for what she freely and joyously does to harm others. And as other courses of action have failed to alter her disposition, we feel she needs to be put in prison.
Thank you.
Oct 26, 2018

Friday, October 26, 2018

Monday, October 22, 2018

Deb Frisch Weld County Arrest History (10/22/2018)

With Debbie Frisch's extradition to Weld County Jail on Monday, Miss Debbie begins her fifth jail-stint there.

It won't last long though: after her sentencing, Miss Debbie will soon be housed in a Colorado state PRISON lol

New Mugshot, Court Appearance for Debbie in Weld County (10/22/2018)

Looks like Debbie's arrived in Weld County...

She's due to appear tomorrow at 1:30pm

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Yet another beatdown of Debbie Frisch from Surr Ender (9/5/2018)

A mystery gadfly who goes by the moniker "Surr Ender" has been mocking Debbie, of late. Previous smackdowns of Debbie's stupidity can be found here and here.

In today's slapdown, Surr Ender reminds Debbie that her legal skillz suck:

Debbie in flight, goes apeshit, taunts law enforcement (8/30-9/5/18)

 DEBBIE FLEES Debbie in flight after disastrous bail-mod hearing
Seeking to escape the consequences of her criminal behavior--a felony warrant--coward Debbie Frisch is hiding from law enforcement. But not without committing more crimes...

UPDATE (9/1)

UPDATE (8/31): Debbie decides it would be a good idea to continue stalking harassing and threatening law enforcement and criminal justice officials :P

Friday, August 31, 2018

Surr Ender gives Debbie another SMACKDOWN (8/31/2018)

You know Surr Ender would be back.

Today, Surr Ender responded to one of Debbie's more idiotic emails:

On August 31, 2018 at 8:04 AM Deborah Frisch wrote:
marshall often forwards me my own emails with no content 

to which Surr Ender riposted:

So what?
Yours are usually free of any *sane* comment.
How do you do it?  How do you get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and, *knowing* that the rest of your life is going to be an even bigger *FAILURE* than the burning dumpster fire that was the preceding years, don’t just go back to bed, or hang yourself from a light fixture, or set yourself on fire?
Remarkable how badly you’ve fucked up your life, all on your own, when you consider that people with severe organic physical disabilities, such as Down Syndrome, are able to hold down jobs, take care of themselves, and avoid breaking the law.  Productive members of society.  Unlike you.
You are a really, really special snowflake, Snackcakes.  Don’t ever change.

Surr Ender's previous thrashing of Debbie can be found at this link.

Michelle to Deb Frisch: "Fuck off, Debbie!" (8/30/2018)

In a bit of side-hilarity to the latest llama-drama, Miss Debbie was told WHATFOR by a former cellie from Debbie's days in Weld County Jail.

Miss Debbie wanted a "witness" at yesterday's hearing. So Miss Debbie wired $50 to one "Michelle."

When Debbie didn't get what she idiotically thought she deserved, she started harassing Michelle:

i want my money back
you failed to call me

Michelle, who apparently attended the "How To Deal With Debbie" correspondence course, replied thusly:

First off Deb, that shit was the biggest waste of fucking time today. You told me to take the letter to your attorney and that's what I went to do. You think it was gonna be just easy peasy? I have kids i take care of and that trumps this shit regardless. And you're fucking right. I am a felon. So are you and you'll be a two time loser if you keep it up with your immature cyber stalking bullshit trying. You can try to blame how other people's sentences or cases have affected yours or your sentencing  even though they have NOTHING  to do with you.  

So 3 cheers for Michelle!


Debbie goes apeshit again 8/2, 8/5, 8/10-30/2018

Update 8/29/2018: Debbie continues her impotent tantrum...gets pwned
SOP for convicted criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch:

1) Get pwned
2) Go apeshit
3) Stalk harass threaten people
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