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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dry Drunk Deb Frisch Fails to Understand Cause and Effect

Well, here's a doozie for today...Dummy Dweebie ranting and
railing about her plight, all the while failing to see how she's
the cause of the consequences befalling her now.

Our first bit of LULZ here comes from Dweebie's talk of legal
"harassment"--which is DebSpeak for being held responsible
for her crimes

When Dweebie tires of being examined by court-appointed
doctors, tires of being charged with crimes by the LCDA,
and tires of being punished by judges, the answer is simple:


Oh, and we get BONUS LULZ in this blog. Notice the
reference to the "injury" she claims to have sustained
in an "assault."

As everyone knows, Deb's "bruise photograph" was caused
when she was assaulted by....a barroom floor...when she fell
down from being BLIND DRUNK!

So no wonder the LCDA didn't act. While it's common to
indict ham sandwiches, there's no known way to indict a
barroom floor.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Perv Deb Frisch Casts Stones at Pervs

Deb "Lives in a Glass House" Frisch derives joy from the investigation
of a police officer for posting pornographic images.

There's irony in Deborah Frisch's focus on such misbehavior...since
Frisch, herself, "resigned before the University of Arizona could fire
her ass" for posting pornographic threats on a toddler.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Offender #1675174 Deborah Frisch libels her atty...

Deb Frisch hits the sex-fantasy/libel/law trifecta here.

She's still PO'ed at her PD. So she fantasizes all sorts of
sex acts involving various members of the Lane County
Public Defender's Office.

Frisch also trumpets her legal ignorance. She has a
weakness for throwing about legal terms--perjury,
actionable, etc.--without having Clue One as to
what they actually mean. As one lawyer once remarked,
"Frisch's arrogance is only outstripped by her legal

Monday, April 6, 2009

Offender #1675174 Deb Frisch libels her lawyer

Oregon Convict #1675174, Deborah Ellen FRISCH, blames everyone for
her criminal convictions for physical harassment (2009) and stalking (2006)

...everyone, that is, but the real responsible party: her-farking-self.

In this blog, Deb Frisch libels her former criminal defense lawyer.

Of course, Frisch wouldn't have needed free legal help if she'd had a job.
But of course, Deb Frisch's internet threats on a child cost her that job
in 2006
. She's been unemployable ever since.

Repulsive Deb Frisch Fantasizes About Sex...

Oregon Offender #1675174, Deborah Frisch, isn't gettin' any.


This 'splains why Deb Frisch spends most of her time fantasizing
about successful people's sexual proclivities. Like in today's hate-
engorged Frisch-schlong of a blog...

Bitter Deb Frisch harasses 2006 victim, lawyer, police

Deborah Frisch sure has a lot to be bitter about...

After all, how would you feel if
your life took this collapsing spiral?

Well, you'd probably want to lash out at everyone who held you accountable
for your behavior, too.

No wonder that Dweebie continues to lash out at her victim from 2006, a
lawyer who was (understandably) unable to defend Frisch's harassment
and stalking, and the police (as usual)...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Deb Frisch libels prosecutor, threatens children

Deb Frisch has a long history of sexualizing and threatening the
children of her stalking-targets. (In 2006, Frisch lost her job at
the University of Arizona after posting online threats on children
Frisch has been unemployed ever since.) In this blog, Oregon
Offender#1675174 Deborah Ellen Frisch (mug shot here) libels
a Lane County prosecutor, lying that the prosecutor offered to
show Frisch sex-tapes.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Deb Frisch libels Lane County District Attorney

Showing that she's learned nothing from her convictions for harassment and stalking,
Deborah Frisch blogged a libelous note about her prosecutor. While Dweebie thought
herself clever by deleting the post an hour later, she fails to realize that Google knows

The full text of the blog was:

today's hearing
deputy lane county district attorney [REDACTED] looked downright HOT at
today's hearing at 8:30 a.m. i was caught off guard when she asked if she could
come over for a "site visit" tonight and said yes!

off to vacuum - i promise to tell all tomorrow a.m.!

p.s. please don't forget to bring the video of the night the boy scouts were conceived
like you promised you would!


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