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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dry Drunk Deb Frisch Fails to Understand Cause and Effect

Well, here's a doozie for today...Dummy Dweebie ranting and
railing about her plight, all the while failing to see how she's
the cause of the consequences befalling her now.

Our first bit of LULZ here comes from Dweebie's talk of legal
"harassment"--which is DebSpeak for being held responsible
for her crimes

When Dweebie tires of being examined by court-appointed
doctors, tires of being charged with crimes by the LCDA,
and tires of being punished by judges, the answer is simple:


Oh, and we get BONUS LULZ in this blog. Notice the
reference to the "injury" she claims to have sustained
in an "assault."

As everyone knows, Deb's "bruise photograph" was caused
when she was assaulted by....a barroom floor...when she fell
down from being BLIND DRUNK!

So no wonder the LCDA didn't act. While it's common to
indict ham sandwiches, there's no known way to indict a
barroom floor.

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  1. If she had wanted to press charges there on Park St - how come she didnt want to press any when she friggin pepper sprayed me in the face on her property in which she claims I was trespassing? Its redundant anyhow...



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