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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Debbie's frivolous LOLSUIT 2015--Text of Complaint (9/17/2015)

What follows is (1) a typed transcription of Debbie's frantic frivolous lawsuit-complaint, followed by (2) the original chicken-scratched version.

Since part of Miss Debbie's aim in filing paperwork is to harass her victims, all names have been redacted.

Transcribed Copy

Original Copy filed by Dummy Debbie:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Deb Frisch Finances: "In Forma Pauperis" Application (Sept 2015)

So documents are beginning to leak from Debbie's latest Frivolous Lolsuit filing.

Since Debbie Frisch doesn't want to pay money for her attempt to use the legal system
to further harass and threaten her victims, Debbie has filed financial paperwork claiming
she should be exempted from legal fees...since she's in teh poorhouse.

Of interest in teh financial filing is:

  • Debbie's claim to $15,000/year of Social Security Disability support (Suspended while she is incarcerated) 
  • Debbie has (of course) omitted income she has received from her Drug Dealing
  • Debbie appears to be denying that she receives State Food Stamps
  • Debbie appears to NOT be receiving "gifts" from her family...
  • Page 3 appears to be an (old) page from Debbie's Jail/Commissary Account

Frisch pleads GUILTY/no-contest; to be sentenced 9/28

Details here

Monday, September 21, 2015

Deb Frisch files frantic frivolous lawsuit (9/21/2015)

Yep, desperate to evade consequences for her criminal behavior, dummy Deb Frisch files a frantic FRIVOLOUS LOLSUIT. Hmmm...Judge Coffin hearing the case? The one that declared Debbie a "VEXATIOUS LITIGANT" in 2010? That Judge Coffin?

Just like last time, Debbie thinks her toothless lawsuit threats can prevent her from
being punished for her criminal behaviorDidn't work last time; won't work this time.
  1. REAL Lawyers at AboveTheLaw.com mock Debbie's legal stoopidity
  2. Debbie Frisch was legally declared a "vexatious litigant" in 2010, which pretty much blocks her from using the civil courts to harass people holding her responsible for her criminal behavior.
  3. There's a SCREENING ORDER which means that Debbie's paperwork will be reviewed (and promptly squashed) by a federal judge whenever she files it.
  4.  Deborah Frisch is BANNED from visiting teh federal court in person
  5.  Deb Frisch has had her electronic filing access YANKED by teh Federal Courts 
For MOAR on  Debbie's legal EPIC FAIL in trying to sue Eugene Oregon in 2009-2010... 

UPDATE: New Schedule for Deb Frisch (9/21)

New Countdown for Debbie (who has remained in jail for 38 days so far...):

1a) Monday (9/21): 35-day call for Debbie's NEW crimes
Menacing (3 counts) + Criminal Trespass + False 911 Call

1b) Monday (9/21) Arraignment on Debbie's OTHER new crimes:  
Telephonic Harassment (3 counts)   
1ab) CONTINUED to Thursday Sept. 24

2) Tuesday (9/29): MYSTERY MOTION hearing: Debbie playing lawyer? 

3) Trial on criminal charges (if no deal before then)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


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