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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Debbie's frivolous LOLSUIT 2015--Text of Complaint (9/17/2015)

What follows is (1) a typed transcription of Debbie's frantic frivolous lawsuit-complaint, followed by (2) the original chicken-scratched version.

Since part of Miss Debbie's aim in filing paperwork is to harass her victims, all names have been redacted.

Transcribed Copy

Original Copy filed by Dummy Debbie:


  1. Wow. There's just so much there at which to point and laugh -- that noted, I would just like to remind (mental deficit) Debbie that she will find copy machines and carbon paper available for a modest price at any Kinko's. Her utter lack of awareness of the world continues to astound.

  2. I did notice in the courtroom that she looks just awful these days -- needs more vitamins in her gin, I expect. There was some seedy looking guy wondering around trying to take names, but I didn't know him.

  3. Not many Kinkos behind bars, lol :D

  4. So far, jail has had a revolving door for her; let's hope her access to Kinko's is truly barred for a good bit. Further in her suit, the concern she shows for the taxpayers' purse is laudable but I would assert that we would be happy to pay more to keep her out of our hair and off the streets.



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