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Friday, July 31, 2015

Deb Frisch calls DA a "felon" but Debbie has the CRIMINAL RECORD (7/31/2015)

Update (7/31) LOL, Dummy Debbie claims the new Lane County DA is a "felon"
So how come it's just DEBBIE who has the REAL criminal record

Update (6/7) Yup, Debbie's still trying to blame others for her own criminal behavior.

Update (6/5) Yawn...more groundless accusations by Teh Debbie

Update (6/2) Yawn...Debbie's moronic understanding of law is illustrated in her attempt to project ORS 162.235 on the prosecutor...when it's DEBBIE who has the criminal record for stalking, harassment and threatening people...(Debbie's behavior has also been described as exhibiting the DARVO phenomenon 

Update (5/29): lol, Debbie now accuses FINANCE DIRECTOR of fraud...after s/he
ignores Criminal Debbie's moronic accusations

Update (5/27-28): LOL, Debbie tries to accuse the DDA of fraud, and gets the reply: 
"STFU, criminal, we don't care about your attempts to libel the prosecutors holding
you accountable for your criminal behavior!"

Funny how Debbie accuses others of criminal behavior, yet SHE'S the one with the 
extensive arrest and conviction record...

And for teh record: yes, Debbie DID "commit" the crime of Initiating a False Report 
on or about March 31, 2015...just ask the Eugene Register-Guard...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Debbie Frisch: I'm gonna sue GOOGLE! (7/30/2015)

Update 7/27: Debbie, enraged that there are blogs that monitor her criminal behavior,
sends Google her 3,141st TOOTHLESS TORT CLAIMS NOTICE!!1

Update 5/26: Debbie spends 3 hours on hold trying to shut down 1st Amendment-protected speech monitoring her criminal behavior...HERE'S an idea, Debbie: if you don't like Google, shut down your Blogger McBlogs and do business SOMEWHERE ELSE

Funny how dummy Deb Frisch keeps blaming others for her own criminal behavior (a la DARVO)
Google? Facebook? 

Oh, and that part about "Sinner" being "forced to shut down" his website? A lie, of course...in fact,
it was moron Deb Frisch whose websites have been forced to shut down:

Of course, certain individuals have since taken over debfrisch.com, where it now serves to warn
the innocent public of Frisch's criminal habits and behavior.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Facebook to Debbie Frisch: STFU! (7/28/2015)

Ever notice that when Debbie does it, she calls it "heckling"
--but when it's done to her, she calls it "inciting violence" and "stalking" and "menacing" and worthy of filing "criminal charges"? (More examples here)

File more false police reports about Facebook's founder?? When Debbie already has two criminal convictions for filing false police reports? Real smart, Debbie!

Monday, July 27, 2015

More lies & stoopid from Debbie Frisch (7/27/2015)

The lies and stoopid are strong with criminal Deborah Frisch today... 

For the record: the evidence against Debbie on her stalking-charges was overwhelming.
The potential felony stalking counts 1-3 were dropped in exchange for a PLEA BARGAIN on Debbie's part to plead guilty to a Class A misdemeanor.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Toothless TORT CLAIMS NOTICES, Criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch (Part Two June 2015 to date)

Update July 26: I can imagine the DA's reply to this one:

Dear Debbie,
Since the Federal court has BANNED your criminal ass from the building, we know
that your lawsuit-talk is all a bluff. P.S. Obey the terms of your probation--or else you
get the CUFFS again! Capice, dummy?
--The DA


Update July 21: Yeah, Debbie must be smoking a LOT of weed if she thinks her impotent, incompetent tort claims notices are gonna get her anything but the CUFFS again...

Update July 20: Wonder whether EWEB will be able to stop laughing at Debbie's incompetent tort claims notice. Kinda hard to wage a lawsuit when the Federal court has BANNED your criminal ass from the building...

Update July 19: LOL, more toothless tort claims notices by butthurt Debbie. Gonna file that lolsuit in the Federal court that's BANNED your criminal ass from the premises, Debbie? 

For Part One of screencaps of Debbie's Toothless Tort Claims Notices, see here: http://internetisforever.blogspot.com/2015/05/yawnmoar-toothless-tort-claims-notices.html

Update June 27: Another day, another toothless lawsuit-threat...

Update June 24: With all the hours Debbie has wasted on toothless tort claims notices, she she's show gunna be PISSED when the courts wont even let her frivolous bullshit get to the Service of Process stage...

Update June 23: Now suing an advocate for stalking-victims? One who has experience dealing with criminals like Deborah Frisch? Real smart, Debbie! 

Update June 22: LOL, so Debbie thinks she's in a legal position to sue Federal judges? Debbie's stoopidity never ends...

Update June 21: Another day, another toothless tort claim, this time to one of Debbie's stalking victims...Real smart, Debbie! 

Update June 20:  In today's bit of Debbie dumb-ass-ery, Debbie thinks she can somehow get around the Absolute Immunity provision for the judges who held Debbie responsible for her criminal behavior. LOL

Update June 19: Debbie toothlessly threatens to sue Deschutes County. Does she actually think they don't know what an EPIC FAIL Debbie's last lolsuit was?

Update June 17: So dummy Debbie thinks she can sue the judge? LOL

Update June 14: Debbie threatening to sue doctors who were charged with overseeing Debbie as a result of her criminal behavior.

Update June 7: Debbie posts another toothless tort claims notice. Aside from its usual stoopidity, it's hilarious that Debbie would tawk about "deposing" the police officers. Does Debbie think we've forgotten "the elementary legal fact...that her attempt to harass Eugene/Lane County/Springfield officials with depositions will cost MONEY--LOTS of it!" Does Debbie think we've forgotten that Debbie doesn't HAVE that kind of $$$?

Remember what happened the last time you tried to BEG for that money from the plaintiffs, Debbie?

Update June 3: Debbie's stoopidity continues...

Update May 29: And Debbie's TOOTHLESS TORT CLAIMS continue...
(for an "ace of torts," Debbie sure has a lot of EPIC FAILs in her legal history...)

For teh record:
Unfortunately for Debbie, there's also this thing called "google," which quickly
reveals why her "tort claims notices" are toothless
  1. REAL Lawyers at AboveTheLaw.com mock Debbie's legal stoopidity
  2. There's a SCREENING ORDER which means that Debbie's paperwork will be reviewed (and promptly squashed) by a federal judge whenever she files it.
  3.  Deborah Frisch is BANNED from visiting teh federal court in person
  4.  Deb Frisch has had her electronic filing access YANKED by teh Federal Courts 
For MOAR on  Debbie's legal EPIC FAIL in trying to sue Eugene Oregon in 2009-2010... 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

LOL, Dummy Deb Frisch tries to revive SETTLED criminal case (7/23/2015)

LOL, Um...the time for "motions" was BEFORE you pleaded GUILTY/NO-CONTEST to
the criminal charges against you...not after....

Watching Debbie fumble through legal pleadings is like watching a one-legged man try to
kick a door down!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

lol, Debbie whines about consequences of her criminal behavior (7/21/2015)

lol, Debbie Frisch doesn't seem to enjoy her psych treatment. Maybe next time Debbie will think twice about breaking the law...that way, she wont have to go to places like the Charnelton branch of Lane County's Health Care clinics.

Friday, July 17, 2015

lol, Creepy convicted criminial sicko Debbie Frisch calls others "creepy" (7/17/2015)

Lessee...so Debbie calls other people creepy when it's DEBBIE who has the lengthy criminal record?

And a massive history of stalking, harassment, drunkenness, criminal impersonation and assault??

Reminder: Deborah Frisch has a criminal record for stalking, harassment and other crimes. She is on probation until March 2017. You can therefore report her continued stalking/harassment to the following authorities (reference her criminal number: 1675174), who are well aware of Frisch's criminal history:
  • Deschutes District Attorney's Office, Victims Assistance, who are overseeing Frisch's probation (541)-388-6525
  • Lane County Behavioral Health Services, who are overseeing Frisch's court-mandated psychological evaluation (541)-682-3608
  • Lane County Sheriff's Office (541)-682-4150 
  • Lane County Victims Services Department (541) 682-4523


Monday, July 13, 2015

Federal Court to Debbie Frisch: STFU and GTFO! (July 2015)

LOL, looks like that frivolous lawsuit Debbie wanted to file is K-A-P-U-T!

Oregon Fed Court: STFU Deb Frisch or else you get the CUFFS again! (7/10/2015)

LOL, Oregon Federal Court (the one Debbie thought would accept her frivolous lawsuit)
has now told Debbie to STFU or face criminal charges...again

Debbie impotently threatens to sue the Federal Courtroom Deputy...

Good luck with that HUGE lolsuit you were gonna file in Federal Court, Debbie! Kinda hard to file it when the court tells you to STFU or get the CUFFS! :D

Keep up the good work, dummy!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lane County DA: "Mission Accomplished" 7/12/2015

Update 7/12:

Still feeling butthurt by people who have held her accountable for her criminal actions, Miss Debbie threatens a toothless tort claims notice...but not that the feds have banned her from the Federal Court house, how WILL Debbie make that lolsuit work? lol

 Where'd that bruise come from? Answer:


Eugene (Feb 13)--New details have emerged in accounts
of Miss Debbie's criminal activities on the fateful night of
Nov. 1 2008. The accounts, coupled with earlier information,
tell of a harrowingly batfrisch crayzee night. Small wonder
that Frisch now faces criminal charges, in a trial scheduled
to begin on March 4th

It has been learned:
  • Frisch was already drunk upon entering the John Henry bar. Frisch had visited other bars earlier, "celebrating her birfday," according to a source we'll dub Deep Squeak.
  • Frisch was "cut off" by a concerned bartender after only one drink.
  • Frisch left the bar, intending to drive in her inebriated state.
  • An acquaintance of Frisch's intervened at this point, confiscating Debbie's keys, and turned them over to a neutral authority for safekeeping.
  • Frisch re-entered the bar, in a fumbling attempt to retrieve her keys.
  • Frisch stumbled and fell hard, thus causing her now-notorious "leg bruise." (Serious losses of balance occur, according to medical authorities, at a BAC of 0.20.)

  • Frisch made a slurred phone call to police, falsely stating that she'd been assaulted. When police arrived, Frisch was unable to operate her cell phone. (The inability to perform simple tasks, according to medical authorities, begins at a BAC of 0.15.) Police, of course, diagnosed Debbie as quite inebriated.

Update 7/10:

Guess which one ended up with the 55 days in J-A-I-L?

Guess which one is still all butthurt?


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