A blog devoted to reminding Deb Frisch that, even if she takes down her libelous and harassing posts, the evidence has been screencapped...and forwarded to appropriate authorities...[dfrisch@pobox.com dfrisch@nsf.gov or dfrisch@oregon.uoregon.edu]

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Debbie Frisch: I'm gonna sue GOOGLE! (7/30/2015)

Update 7/27: Debbie, enraged that there are blogs that monitor her criminal behavior,
sends Google her 3,141st TOOTHLESS TORT CLAIMS NOTICE!!1

Update 5/26: Debbie spends 3 hours on hold trying to shut down 1st Amendment-protected speech monitoring her criminal behavior...HERE'S an idea, Debbie: if you don't like Google, shut down your Blogger McBlogs and do business SOMEWHERE ELSE

Funny how dummy Deb Frisch keeps blaming others for her own criminal behavior (a la DARVO)
Google? Facebook? 

Oh, and that part about "Sinner" being "forced to shut down" his website? A lie, of course...in fact,
it was moron Deb Frisch whose websites have been forced to shut down:

Of course, certain individuals have since taken over debfrisch.com, where it now serves to warn
the innocent public of Frisch's criminal habits and behavior.


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