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Friday, July 31, 2015

Deb Frisch calls DA a "felon" but Debbie has the CRIMINAL RECORD (7/31/2015)

Update (7/31) LOL, Dummy Debbie claims the new Lane County DA is a "felon"
So how come it's just DEBBIE who has the REAL criminal record

Update (6/7) Yup, Debbie's still trying to blame others for her own criminal behavior.

Update (6/5) Yawn...more groundless accusations by Teh Debbie

Update (6/2) Yawn...Debbie's moronic understanding of law is illustrated in her attempt to project ORS 162.235 on the prosecutor...when it's DEBBIE who has the criminal record for stalking, harassment and threatening people...(Debbie's behavior has also been described as exhibiting the DARVO phenomenon 

Update (5/29): lol, Debbie now accuses FINANCE DIRECTOR of fraud...after s/he
ignores Criminal Debbie's moronic accusations

Update (5/27-28): LOL, Debbie tries to accuse the DDA of fraud, and gets the reply: 
"STFU, criminal, we don't care about your attempts to libel the prosecutors holding
you accountable for your criminal behavior!"

Funny how Debbie accuses others of criminal behavior, yet SHE'S the one with the 
extensive arrest and conviction record...

And for teh record: yes, Debbie DID "commit" the crime of Initiating a False Report 
on or about March 31, 2015...just ask the Eugene Register-Guard...

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