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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Judge to Debbie Frisch: STFU and OBEY or else you get the CUFFS again! (7/1/2015)

LOL, Debbie Frisch trumpets her inability to parse BASIC ENGLISH* in this "reply" to the Lane County Criminal Court judge's letter, telling Miss Debbie in no uncertain terms that if she violates her probation, she gets the CUFFS again!
  • "threat" to Debbie means: "reminding Debbie of the legal consequences of her criminal behavior"
  • "hindering prosecution" to Debbie means: "ignoring Debbie's false allegations of crimes committed by people holding Debbie responsible for her criminal behavior"
  • "felonization of me" to Debbie means: "holding Debbie responsible for her criminal behavior"
Deb Frisch's stupid attempts to re-define the English language are well-known: See the Debbie Frisch lexicon

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