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Friday, August 31, 2018

Michelle to Deb Frisch: "Fuck off, Debbie!" (8/30/2018)

In a bit of side-hilarity to the latest llama-drama, Miss Debbie was told WHATFOR by a former cellie from Debbie's days in Weld County Jail.

Miss Debbie wanted a "witness" at yesterday's hearing. So Miss Debbie wired $50 to one "Michelle."

When Debbie didn't get what she idiotically thought she deserved, she started harassing Michelle:

i want my money back
you failed to call me

Michelle, who apparently attended the "How To Deal With Debbie" correspondence course, replied thusly:

First off Deb, that shit was the biggest waste of fucking time today. You told me to take the letter to your attorney and that's what I went to do. You think it was gonna be just easy peasy? I have kids i take care of and that trumps this shit regardless. And you're fucking right. I am a felon. So are you and you'll be a two time loser if you keep it up with your immature cyber stalking bullshit trying. You can try to blame how other people's sentences or cases have affected yours or your sentencing  even though they have NOTHING  to do with you.  

So 3 cheers for Michelle!


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