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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Chomo Deb Frisch, convicted of filing false reports, threatens to file MORE false police reports (7/22-8/12/2018)

(8/12/2018): Debbie, going apeshit with rage this weekend at having her criminal behavior monitored and her stupidity mocked, continues to threaten to cawl the police with false charges

(8/6/2018): More stupid from dummy Deb Frisch :P

(7/27/2018): Felon Debbie Frisch decides to cawl the Weld County Court (970-475-2400).
Small wonder the Weld County DA is getting her Bail Conditions amended to include a specific STFU order... 

(7/26/2018): Wonder if Debbie realizes that filing false reports with the US Postal Inspector is a FEDERAL offense...

Yawn, Debbie Frisch (who has multiple criminal convictions for filing FALSE reports and CRIMINAL IMPERSONATION) threatens to LIE and file MORE FALSE REPORTS to retaliate against a twitter-user who is mocking her.

(Of course, this behavior is nothing new for Debbie...previous toothless threats at this link.)

Debbie's criminal history shows that she has QUITE a history of lying--just read the newspapers and police reports:


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