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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Surr Ender thrashes Debbie Frisch in plea to Weld County ADA (8/29/2018)

In an email sent Wednesday, Debbie Frisch expert Surr Ender sent the following message to Weld County's ADA, informing him of Colorado Offender 278185 Deborah Ellen Frisch's serious criminal past and danger to the civilized community...
Surr Ender 
To:flummerfelt, cory,state.pubdef@coloradodefenders.us,saindon@co.weld.co.us,nina@yablok.com,californiambh@gmail.com,sbehrens@co.weld.co.us,debfrischtimeline@gmail.com,jerry green
Cc:Merson, James,Marshall Breit,rchun@co.weld.co.us,Robert McCain
Aug 29 at 5:15 PM
So, ADA Chun, are we to assume that Deborah Frisch gets a pass on death threats against a sitting judge, as illustrated by the email, below?
We know she’s violent - she was convicted of assaulting someone with pepper spray in Oregon.  We know she’s filled with rage, witness her written attacks.  Those facts illustrate that she possesses ability and motive. Opportunity is, apparently, all that stands between her, and violent homicide.
She’s not some “toothless old hound dog”, as Judge Lyons characterized her.  I’m really hoping the scales have been lifted from his eyes on that particular matter.  
Nor is she some respectable member of society, just momentarily having wandered off the path.
She’s a confessed and convicted felon.  She may very well be a psychopath, criminally insane. She certainly enjoys attacking innocents with harassment and extortion, and contacting wives, employers, and Children’s Protective Services with falsehoods.
Civilization breaks down when the State can’t (or won’t) perform its duties, and properly wield its authority.  It truly appears that, if you want to get away with crimes for years, all you have to do is screech at and threaten the authorities, whenever they catch up with you.
She’s been doing this for at least *TWELVE* years, and, except for the limited periods she’s locked up, or on *properly* supervised probation, she’s never let up.  NEVER.
Either get her permanently committed or jailed.  Stop letting her slip through the cracks.  Stop being one of her patsies, and letting her off the hook when she makes faithless promises.  Don’t believe that her parents are going to supervise/control her, either - they are scared of her violence, and have been excusing/enabling her behavior her entire life.
Mostly, though, stop her before she kills someone.  Please.

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