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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Dummy Debbie gets warned TWICE by DA, STILL doesn't STFU (7/12, 7/18, 8/2-8/23/2018)

UPDATE 8/23: Debbie libels Weld County Sheriff and the judge overseeing her case. Real smart, Debbie! :D 

UPDATE 8/20: See Debbie send letters to family of Weld County DA. Real smart, Debbie! 

UPDATE 8/15-17: See Debbie stalk the Chief Probation Officer for Weld County. See Debbie libel a Weld County judge. REAL SMART, DEBBIE! 

UPDATE 8/6: See Debbie send harassing emails. See Debbie get arrested...
UPDATE 8/5:  LOL, that's an old trick "DO WHAT I WANT OR ELSE I WILL KEEP STALKING/HARASSING/THREATENING/LIBELING YOU!" Guess Debbie's gonna need a few more stints behind bars to get over that bad habit :P

How long before Debbie gets the CUFFS again? Any bets?

Threatening to cawl the police on ... the police? Predicting the DA has committed the crime of ... warning DEBBIE of the consequences of HER crimes? Now that's a new stoopid, even for Debbie!

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