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Friday, August 17, 2018

Felon Debbie Frisch falsely accuses others of felonies, stupidly predicts others going to jail. Again (7/8-8/17/2018)

UPDATE: Dummy Debbie predicts Weld County DA holding her responsible for her criminal behavior will somehow be arrested for "mail fraud" lol

Funny how dummy Debbie Frisch predicts others are going to jail... yet SHE'S the one who's been JAILED time after time after time after ...

Debbie's just butthurt that pjmedia has repeatedly pointed out Debbie's 12-year stint of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR.


(p.s. Since YOURE the convicted FELON, Debbie, it's pretty hilarious to see you falsely accuse others of "felonizing" ...)

 LOL, Debbie Frisch has a MASSIVE Criminal Record, yet accuses The Other McCain of crimes.

 The TRUTH: Debbie's just butthurt that McCain is holding Debbie accountable for her criminal behavior:

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