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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Other McCain to Debbie's lawyer: Ban Debbie from Internet, or else her criminal behavior will continue (8/8/2018)

See Debbie CC blogger Robert Stacy McCain on her unhinged emails

See Robert Stacy McCain REPLY ALL


"So long as she has Internet access, she will use that access in the way that has previously resulted in her incarceration. Only if she is institutionalized in a setting where she is prevented from accessing the Internet, can we expect any relief from her harassment." --RS McCain

Mr. McCain's diagnosis rings true. In fact, the only relief innocent people have had from Miss Debbie's habits of stalking, harassment and threats was from 2010 to 2014--when Miss Debbie was BANNED FROM THE INTERNET as a CONDITION OF HER PROBATION after a 2010 probation-violation involving (yes!) her continued harassment of past victims...

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