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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Debbie Frisch throws tantrum when her shrink is informed of Debbie's behavior (December 2012)

In typical dumbass Frisch fashion, Debbie accuses others of crimes for monitoring Frisch's criminal behavior (see: DARVO). The reason for criminal justice officials' concerns about Debbie in 2012 becomes clear once context is supplied. (Frisch was serving 5 years of probation at the time.)

November 13, 2012--Convicted violent criminal Deborah Frisch libels judges at a Eugene, OR Civilian Review Board meeting.
November 8, 2012--Convicted criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch complains about the "broken criminal justice system" at a Eugene Police Commission meeting.
November 6, 2012--Debbie Frisch spews bile at a Eugene Police Commission meeting.
September 17, 2012: Eugene (Sept 17)--An apparently beer-bloated Deborah Frisch spewed bile at a Eugene City Council public hearing Monday night. Teh eruption is Miss Debbie's first public appearance since eruptions at Eugene public meetings from April through June
September 13, 2012--A Eugene Police Commission member shares that "Deb Frisch apologized for her past behavior." That same day, Debbie Frisch spews bile at a meeting later in the afternoon.

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