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Monday, January 4, 2010

FEDERAL JUDGE to "vulgar" Deborah Frisch: STFU!!

On November 30th, a Federal Judge ordered Deb Frisch
to cease and desist "communicat[ing]...with any of [the
judge's] staff about the merits of this case, or about any
matter unrelated to the case, by e-mail, typed or written
correspondence, by telephone, or in any fashion..."

In short, teh Judge told Debbie Frisch, in no uncertain
terms, to STFU, s'il vous plait!

The reason for this SMACKDOWN of Miss Debbie isn't
hard to guess--namely, her "vulgar and profane"
e-mails and phone calls to teh Federal Courthouse staff.

while waging her impotent LOLSUIT. Defendants' counsel
quickly smacked Debbie down, telling Frisch to STFU,
unless'n Miss Debbie wants to get arrested (yet again)
for harassment.

Here's teh FULL TEXT of teh hilarious spanking teh Federal
judge gave Dummy Debbie:

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