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Friday, January 8, 2010

Federal Judge tells Deb Frisch to SHUT UP, blocks email

Well, well, well...looks like a federal magistrate, overseeing
Debbie Frisch's case, has proved that HE'S THE BOSS OF
DEB FRISCH. Yesterday, he joined the ranks of those
who have blocked Deborah Frisch's vulgar, disgusting,
brainless email messages... (A scan of teh judge's order,
blocking Frisch's limp-lobed attempt to harass court
workers, appears below)

Here's a partial list of others who have told Dum Deb
Frisch to STFU in teh last year (culled from teh Deb
Frisch Timeline).

October 2, 2009--Lane County orders Deb Frisch to cease-
and-desist calling any county office. Failure to abide by the
ban will prompt Frisch's arrest for telephonic harassment.

June 16-17, 2009--Diplaying manic and twitchy symptoms,
Deb Frisch disrupts 3 meetings of the Lane County Board of
Commissioners within 24 hours. (Deborah Frisch's first outburst.
Deb Frisch's second outburst.) Prior to her third attempt to
disrupt the meeting, Deb Frisch is warned that she risks
receiving a permanent ban from attending future meetings;
Deb Frisch responds with a vile temper-tantrum. Frisch had
previously been ousted from a meeting for violating the
Board's rules of conduct.

May 28-30, 2009--After sending obscene and harassing
email messages to a school and various local activists,
Deborah Frisch receives three cease-and-desist orders.

April 29, 2009--Deborah Frisch gets ejected from
a public meeting of the Lane County Board of Commissioners,
after slandering a board member. Frisch, fearing arrest
while she's on (3 years) probation, scurries away. (Video
footage here.)

So, will Miss Debbie get teh message that SOILING TEH
CARPET IS VERBOTEN? Nah...that would mean that
Dum Deb has teh intehlligence of a dog--a proposition which
has been roundly refuted over teh last 3 and a half years



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