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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deb Frisch, fearing arrest, sends vulgar email (9/7/10)

Looks like dummy Deb Frisch is fearing being arrested for
her violations of probation over the weekend.

In this blog, moron Frisch demands a deposition concerning
her crimes this weekend (and last April, when Springfield
PD took a complaint on Deb Frisch's criminal behavior).

Of course, Debbie's impotent email (sent from her sock
puppet address coyotemind@gmail.com) will be ignored
by the lawyer--since, of course, Frisch's frivolous lawsuit
has been dead dead dead since last month.


  1. She may, however, succeed in getting herself committed to a mental hospital...

  2. Minteh -

    If you keep on reproducing Frisch's own pawthetically limp-lobed frothings for purposes of mockery and derision, she might have to "take it up and notch get ruff wit choo, hombre!"

  3. "and notch" = "a notch"; tarnation!

    I really need to lay-off the WTF and Cheez-Doodles.



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