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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Impotent Deb Frisch pretends to know a lawyer (9/7/10)

Last night, Debbie apparently sent a toothless threat
via email; Frisch used her usual sockpuppet email account,

(Teh email is connected with Deb Frisch's vile violent outburst
at a bar over teh Labor Day weekend. Debbie apparently fears
being arrested for her criminally violent behavior, lol)

Teh substance of teh email was that:

1) Debbie knows a lawyer
2) Debbie has filed a lawsuit
3) Teh lawsuit is taking depositions

But here are teh facts:

1) Debbie lacks teh money to hire a lawyer
2) Even if Debbie had teh money, no lawyer would take her case
3) Debbie filed a lawsuit in 2009...but Debbie got totally destroyed in court
4) Debbie Frisch is BANNED from entering any Oregon Federal Court building
5) In fact, it was Debbie who hid from a mandatory deposition earlier this
year--a move which led her to be SANCTIONED by a federal court.

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