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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deborah Frisch impersonates a police officer (8/13/10)

As if it weren't enough for Deb Frisch to open herself up to charges of FRAUD by SUBLETTING A HOUSE SHE DOESN'T OWN, now Dimwit Deborah Frisch is doubling-down on her stoopidity by impersonating a Eugene Police Officer.

In this blog, Miss Debbie pretends to relate the words of a Eugene Police Officer ("Pete [REDACT]").

Of course, teh fact is, Eugene Police Officers will have nothing to do with Debbie Frisch--except, of course, for that night in November 2008, when a hideously drunken Deb Frisch tried to drive her car in downtown Eugene.

Debbie soon realized she was opening herself up to a visit from the cops, so she quickly tried to "hide teh evidence" by taking down the blog post.

But not quickly enough; as usual, teh evidence was screen-capped. Dummy Deb Frisch still has yet to realize...TEH INTERNETS ARE FOREVER!!

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