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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deb Frisch, fearing arrest, sends vulgar email to EPD

Less than an hour after news surfaced that Dimbulb Deborah Frisch committed FRAUD by renting out rooms in a house she DOES NOT OWN (86574 North Modesto Drive, Eugene, OR 97402), teh Eugene Police Department surfed Teh Deb's McBlog. According to sitemeter records, teh Cops accessed nearly 40 pages of Debbie's muck in a span of 20 minutes.

This, no doubt, left Dummy Deb Frisch scared shitless--as evidenced in teh desperate threat she hurled by email to representatives of the Eugene Police Department.

(DumDeb alleged "misconduct" in surfing her blog--but, as one commenter quickly pointed out, "it's not 'misconduct'...since the Eugene Police are investigating complaints against you for fraud, harassment, and stalking.")

It's worth noting that Idiot Debbie used a sockpuppet email account [coyotemind@gmail.com] in sending her vile rant, based on teh moronic assumption that teh City of Eugene hasn't blocked teh account. (DumDeb's usual account for email harassment [dfrisch@pobox.com] was blocked by teh Oregon Federal Courts earlier this year; teh City of Eugene and Lane County instituted a STFU Deb Frisch block in February 2008. No doubt, coyotemind@gmail.com has also been blocked--but little things like FACTS never seem to impact incompetent Deborah Frisch's impotent tantrums.)

Dummy Deb took down teh blog-post shortly afterward. But, as this website always shows, TEH INTERNETS ARE FOREVER, DEBBIE!

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