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Monday, August 3, 2009

Deborah Frisch Mental Illness at work: Teh Case of John Grisham

Debbie Frisch has a sickness with predictable stages:

1) Desperate for validation, Deb Frisch seeks out person X
2) Person X sees Deb Frisch for the sick phuque she is
3) Person X rejects Deb Frisch
4) Deb Frisch gets enraged at person X
5) Deb Frisch harasses, libels and slanders person X.

We can see this at work in Debbie's recent hate of John Grisham.

At first, Miss Debbie blogged that she loved his books.

Then dummy Debbie tried to contact John Grisham.

Since Deb Frisch has no accomplishments, Grisham ignored
Teh Deb.

Hence Debbie's impotent, pathetic attempts to smear Grisham online--
on Facebook (where Debbie got pwned) and on her McBlog:

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