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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deb Frisch Libels Cop who held her responsible for harassment

As we always note, it really must Teh Suxxorz to be Deborah Frisch.

In today's feebleminded droppings, Miss Debbie posts a blog libeling
a Eugene Police Officer (after stalking his Facebook page--which seems
to be Dumbphuque Deb's latest harassment/stalking tool):

Why teh h8 for the Officer Deb Frisch "interacted" with? Because that
"interaction" involved arresting Deb Frisch for stalking and harassing
an innocent victim in 2006
. (Deb Frisch served 1 year of probation as a
result of that case.

The officer also recorded Deborah Frisch's pathetic attempts to entice
her 2006 victim in his police report:

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