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Friday, October 23, 2009

Deb Frisch Death Threat/Suicide REDUX

We recently had a Gomer "GOOOOOLLLLYY" Pyle moment here
at InternetIsForever.

Imagine our surprise to learn that, in an October 5th filing in Federal
District Court, Miss Debbie actually screencapped THIS BLOG
as evidence of some vast ethereal KONSPIRACY against her.

Here's the screencap from her court filing (original posting here):

Since teh image is grainy, here's a close-up of the
police dispatch record:

Now where-oh-where might anyone get the idea that Little Miss
Debbie had made a death threat?! HINT: check out her blog of
August 14, 2009, where she fantasizes about "chopping the heads
...genitals...arms [and] legs [and then disemboweling]" 7 of a
professor's children and cooking them into a stew:

Given Deborah Frisch's long habit of threatening children,
such threats like this are (as they say) par for the course.
It's also--how do you say?--illegal.

Oh, and while we're at it: Debbie also dumps another
groundless lie into her Oct. 5 "kitchen sink" filing. This
time, teh target was Gerbil Nation Psyops Minister LargenFirm
(posting in this thread)

Soon afterward, Miss Debbie received a "Welfare Check" from
two police officers. Miss Debbie actually claims that Largenfirm
made the cawl to kops, calling it "stalking."

As if.

Teh FACTS: 1) where would Gerbils get the idea that Debbie
might be suicidal? Hmmm...could it be HER BLOG, perhaps?

"I give up. I am going to self-immolate." Sounds kinda suicidal,
doesn't it?

2) For Teh Record: LargenFirm never made the phone call to police.
And he can prove it.

Of course, Debbie filed those lies in her federal filings because she
never thought there would actually be EVIDENCE that she'd posted
death and suicide musings.

But guess what, Debbie? THE. INTERNET. IS. FOREVER.

Better luck next time. Or not.

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