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Monday, November 9, 2009

Deb Frisch Libels Town Council Member

As usual, jobless Deborah Frisch can't resist envying people who have
actual jobs. Hence Sunday's blog...

Deb Frisch quickly pulled down teh blog, of course--out of fear that
her habits of stalking and harassment might reach ears in teh Federal
Court where Miss Debbie has filed her frivolous lawsuit. (Of course,
it's a bit late for that--Deb Frisch's habits of harassment, death-fascinated
, and filthy harassing emails are now part of teh court record.)

The screencap below (an unredacted version of which will soon be
sent to teh Oregon Federal District court) gives Debbie Frisch lesson
#10,290 in an obvious fact:

Dummy Deborah Frisch--TEH INTERNETS ARE FOREVER!!1

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