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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deb Frisch Hits the Bar, Hits on a Girl, and Hits teh Roof (2009)

Looks like Miss Debbie had a doozy of a weekend:

Part 1: Miss Debbie Hits the Bar...

As Debbie blogs here, she attended a dance at the
bar, Diablo's. This, of course, violates Deborah
Frisch's probation requirements to stay out of
...But teh lulz are just starting on this humdinger
of a night...

Part Two: Miss Debbie Hits on a Chick...

So Miss Debbie comes on to some poor woman--we'll call her "Dr. R." As
her moniker suggests, Dr. R has a good deal of psychological training;
so she surely knows what a delusional lunatic Miss Debbie is.

(Of course, Teh Deb throws in a paragraph libeling another of her assault
victims, who had the courage to stand up to Debbie's bullying and get Deb
Frisch held accountable for her criminal actions


Funny thing, though...while Miss Debbie thinks they hit it off
("serious leg contact...rubbing thighs" EW!), her newest stalking
victim didn't take quite as much of a shine to Miss Debbie.

Debbie didn't take the verbal rebuffs so well...

Part Three: Debbie Hits teh Roof!

Of course, Miss Debbie hounded the poor soul by email.

Said poor soul tried to let Miss Debbie down gently.

As thanks, Teh Deb posted the kindly woman's email--with
all of her contact information--on Deb's Blog of Spew. And
titled it "biker trash."




All in a weekend's work for Oregon Offender #1675174, Deborah Ellen Frisch.

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