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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deborah Frisch Libels 2006 Victim's Lawyer

It must kinda suck being Debbie Frisch. Imagine having all
of these wild theories of law and fact, but being unable to
convince ANY RATIONAL PERSON of your delusions...

So Frisch stews on her resentments, which stem from people
who refused to give in to her bullying, and held her accountable
to the fullest extent of the law.

Which explains why Frisch would dip into her fevered limp-lobed
brain and dig up her grudge against the lawyer of her 2006
harassment victim. Frisch was especially enraged that the
lawyer succeeded in having an arrest warrant issued for Frisch
--since The Internet is Forever, you can read about it at
these links.

Of course, Frisch can't resist throwing in her own sexual fantasies
in the last paragraph. But Frisch's sexual frustrations are, of
course, well-known to anyone who knows anything about Frisch's
long history of pedophilic
and vulgar libel, slander, and harassment
of her victims

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